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Chemistry Websites For High School Students

Seth Said:

Thinking about to get started?

We Answered:

Most private schools require a teaching certificate; however, some will hire you if you are enrolled in a program and plan to graduate. Most states will require one semester of student teaching and another semester of courses in education. An idea you might consider: In most states you can apply for a provisional teaching certificate. You would be able to do substitute teaching or perhaps even be hired full-time for a period of two years in most states. Your best resource: Your local Regional Office of Education. Your next best resource: State Certification office for each state you might consider.
I think you'll enjoy teaching.

Nathaniel Said:

What college?

We Answered:

If you want a cheap education you can go through a community or junior college since many offer nursing programs for LPN and RNs and you can get an associate's degree which a two year degree towards a baccalaureate(4 year degree) concetrating in chemistry. Basically junior/community college educations are cheaper and it's become the most readily acceptable and inexpensive way to get a 4 year degree without breaking the bank.

Because you're foreign it can be costly unless you get a student visa when you come to the states for college and establish residency. Your undergrad classes prepare you for graduate courses which are much more difficult and more in detail and requires you to write thesis papers on that subject and the highest you can go is a PHD which requires you to write a dissertation which can run anywhere between 25 to a couple hundred pages some of them are the length of books.

Minnie Said:

My chances of getting into Harvard (and Ivy League)?

We Answered:

looks good, but that only makes you an average applicant to any of the ivies. harvard's acceptance rate was 6%, not 17% last year. you are probably not going to get into harvard, yale, or princeton. apply to the other ivies but don't count on anything.

Mildred Said:

Requirements for Psychology at York University?

We Answered:

here are some points,
if you are just trying to waive the course, you may need to see where the psychology department general 4 year plan in York U.' catalog or academic requirement.

the thing there are usually 2 or more requirements depending on the school u are going and also depending on the major you want to be in,
in general there are 2,
1) core requirements which are writing/history/biological sciences/physical sciences/mathematics/writing

2) major requirement which are, in ur case, psychology courses and it goes on to 400 level till you graduate

and as i spoke for more requirements, i know WSU-Pullman requires additional of writing portfolio by junior standing which u not only need to take the writing courses but u also need to essays from 3 different subject like physics lab, english essays and maybe a sociology paper


check the websites i found, they are truly the courses u need to take or if u plan to waive,……

call the academic counselor for detailed information

Timothy Said:

How good of a college could I get into with these scores/rank/activities?

We Answered:

Collegeboard has a nice little tool that lets you compare yourself to the average student at whatever college, just search the college's name and I'm sure you'll find it.

Your ACT should be higher than that, it doesn't really match your grades. Study. Most people in your grade range that I know get a 31 or over. You're also not taking very many AP courses (yes, 5 total is considered not very many...crazy I know), colleges don't like that. Princeton isn't worth your $50, Columbia and Georgetown are probably stretches too (these are the kind of schools who expect you to have taken 15 APs and have a 2400 on the SAT, and then some). These places are hard to get into unless you go to a "feeder school". I have a friend who is probably one of the top 5 students in our class of 600 or so, president of 3 clubs, varsity tennis MVP, the works...and he didn't get into Stanford, because we go to a random public school nobody's heard of. High end private schools are incredibly elitist.

All the places you're considering are good schools, I know really smart people who have gone to Northwestern and UI-Chicago. Don't feel discouraged that you probably can't get into the top elite schools, the people there are awfully boring, and heck, it's undergrad, who cares? You can go to Harvard for grad school if you try hard enough.

Brandy Said:

AS level Chemistry is getting me down :(?

We Answered:

Hi, I'm not doing A Level Chemistry but I have a close friend who is. We did a double award at GSCE and he got A* in both of those and even he complains to me about how hard it is, which is a shock, as he understood everything at GCSE! I can empathise, as I have taken 4 A Levels too and it is a huge workload, exacerbated by the fact that some subjects are completely new. I feel as though I'm failing Law right now, and it's what I want to do in the future.

I would stay stick at it, and take the AS exam. If you feel you do bad on it, then drop it at A2 and concentrate on your other courses. That's one advantage of taking 4 - you can still drop one and have 3, which you need for Uni. It is difficult, but don't worry about the practice exam too much - you can't be expected to have A Level standard work in 2 months. Just concentrate on this subject *slightly* more than your others; do some extra reading to try to get your head around it. Try doing it in little bits, rather than trying to go over everything you've learnt so far. If you still feel this way in a few months and it's affecting you badly, then you could maybe ask to drop it, but don't feel like you should drop it so early because you don't understand it, as there are lots of students feeling the same. If you want to do well, then do your best and you will - that's the mentality hammered into us.
Of course, this is only my opinion. If you feel it's too much, then it's up to you, but I would say just keep at it and do your best - if you do badly at the end of it then at least you've done better than doing nothing at all from dropping it :)

Tamara Said:

How to choose a university degree?

We Answered:

You need to spend a bit of time exploring career possibilities for yourself. I suggest you check with your schools careers counsellor ( if there is one in your school) and see how they can help you.

You might also want to go to your local public library and find out what they have in relation to career information. In particular I would be looking for a book called What Color is Your Parachute. It will help you to get to know yourself better and what types of careers might be most suitable for you. It is a book that has helped many people over the years.…

Hope this helps.

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I'm in AP chemistry and this is what my trainer advises. Purpose why: It's a steadfast website, unlike Wikipedia, and is checked and updated by chemists for the use in schools.