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Class Activities For High School Students

Arnold Said:

Does anyone have any ideas for fire protection/prevention activities for a class of high school students?

We Answered:

call your local fire department and they will be more then glad to help

Willie Said:

What would be an interesting extra curricular activity for high school students?

We Answered:

Video is the new and raging thing. You can sponsor a club that creates a video yearbook - where students record and edit highlights of different school events throughout the year (such as games, dances, plays, etc...).

I started a video A/V club last year and it blew up into a huge success. Not only did we do the video yearbook, but other departments were constantly coming to us with help on creating videos (ie: science department wanted us to film a dangerous experiment, etc...).

I would enthusiastically reccomdend it!!

Rose Said:

fun activities for high school spanish class?

We Answered:

OK, I'm in Spanish 300 right now. So we're having un Dia de los Muertos celebration soon. It's just a fiesta, like bringing in chips and salsa and making projects to do with this day. Do a phrase of the week in Spanish. Like Eenie meenie mynee moe, but in Spanish. Give out extra credit in the form of fake pesos for things. Play Spanish songs. Watch TV shows in Spanish. Have students act out skits in Spanish. Have students make mini-movies in Spanish. Have students write to pen pals that speak Spanish in another country. Take them on a field trip to some even spoken in Spanish. Have them do a project on a Spanish-speaking country. Design a brochure of your school all in Spanish. Each month-ish have a student bring in a traditional dish from a Spanish-speaking country to share with the class for extra-credit. If I get any more ideas, I'll repost them. Good luck!!!

EDIT: have a Spanish potluck night, play games in Spanish, for learning verb conjugation, have students stand up and go around the room saying the proper verb in the proper verb form, then they have to sit down if they get it wrong...the last one standing gets extra credit. There's just so much you could do, good luck!

Hilda Said:

What fun activities can I do in my English class? High school.?

We Answered:

My students do a lot of their own work on transparencies. In fact, for every homework assignment, at least two students transpose their work on transparencies at home and present it in class. Every student gets his turn to present. Students point out areas needing work and homework becomes a tool to develop a real classroom community. You are the facilitator. Students need to be responsible for their own learning.

Also, I do jeopardy review with a digital project... below is the html, but view it as a "ppt" when you access the page... link at top. Students absolutely love it. I have used it for Shakespeare review and my kids have even developed projects for other classes:…

Geraldine Said:

I would like some easy activities for high school classes that address different learning styles.?

We Answered:

Hi there! Like the other answer said, games are always a great way to incorporate variety into a lesson. They can address different learning styles (auditory learners, visual, sensory, etc.) and can provide the catalyst for engaging class discussions. Since you're teaching English to Spanish speaking students, you could try some role playing situations where students need to use their English speaking skills in some sort of situation they may find themselves in if they ever traveled to the United States of Canada.

If you've got access to computers you could try some virtual field trips, it's hard to give suggestions without knowing the ability levels of the students and what their prior knowledge is but I hope this helps :)

Tim Said:

Should high school students be required to take physical education class?

We Answered:

In our school the kids are given several options for physical activity, which include pe class, working out at a local gym, or doing sports after school every day. You might want to suggest that at your school, because the idea of getting physical exercise is what really matters, isn't it?

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