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Class Trips For High School Students

Carl Said:

Would high school students be able to drink while on a field trip to Italy?

We Answered:

There is no law stating a limit of age for drinking any kind of alcoholic drink, art 689 Codice Penale forbids serving alcoholic drinks to minors under 16 in public places like restaurants, pubs, etc. A proposal to increase the purchasing age to 18 has been rejected by parliament in 2007.
Your teachers may be risking their jobs if they allow you to drink, its not just about the law.

When I was 12 years old we went to France (from UK) where we were allowed to drink wine, but the teachers made us keep the bottles off the tables, I think so they would not be in a photos

Darryl Said:

Any tips for low budget/maximum fun end of the year class trips?

We Answered:

You didn't say how old you guys are, but there are some universal things to consider.

If you supply the food it is essentially crossed off your list. Picnic food is always good, barbecues, chicken, potato salad, or sandwiches. Outside depends on weather. If you have nice weather, go for the water fights, slip and slide, water baloons. It doesn't have to be mud to be wet. If someone has an ipod and a speaker deck, music is free too. Is a beach party/picnic an option, bonfire is always a great way to party, toasted marshmellos, s'mores. I think the time of day would be based on the age of your class. Afternoon for tweens to late evening for olders, frizbee, vollyball, limbo. Again food an music provided by the class would mean the $210 could be spent on something special. Hope this helps...bottom line, have fun.

Clayton Said:

What is the movie about high school teenagers stranded on a Island after plane fails?

We Answered:

the lord of the flies

Virgil Said:

What are some good places for a high-school Spanish class field trip to Miami?

We Answered:

Take them to Little Havana. SW 8th St. from about SW 5th Ave. to 27th Ave. That's where the tourist buses go. But you can just walk down 8th St. Probably the epicenter is Domino Park (officially Maximo Gomez Park) where old men sit around the Bay of Pigs memorial, playing dominos & drinking cafe. A few blocks further west are some ice cream stands where they sell home made coconut ice cream in coconut shells. Look for signs advertising "Coco-frio" or some variation thereof. There are coffee or juice stands every 50 feet or so all up & down 8th St.

Mark Said:

Where can I go to get more information on educational field trips for students?

We Answered:

I think you should look at They specialize in student field trips and one of the best points is teachers travel for free!

Dale Said:

High school senior class trip?

We Answered:

Well, i would say London, UK is the best place. If you get the Seniors in 2009 to sign up and to make them go, you can book before December and you'll be getting really affordable rates. Also I wouldnt advise you to stay in "Downtown" because the rates are high first of all and second of all theres a lot of traffic. Close to the city would be fine, there you would have access to the London Zoo, Chessington, London Aquarium, Legoland and other stuff. The eastside of London would be BEST. Have fun!

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