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College Courses For High School Students

Alicia Said:

Gah, college courses for high school students question. So confused.?

We Answered:

Contact the school and make certain that your theory is correct./

Kelly Said:

Can I get an financial aide for college courses I'm taking in high school now?

We Answered:

Does you school have a post secondary option? Check into that I believe they let high schoolers into those type of programs for free. You can try to take out a student loan. Most scholarships and financial aid are for full time or part time college students that are actually enrolled into the college. You could also contact the financial aid office of the college you are taking these summer courses at and see what they offer.

Rose Said:

College courses for high school students...?

We Answered:

You need to talk with your HS academic/school counselor!

>"July 1st... 2007"

WHAT? If that were true, that would mean future participation would be shut down! You can also pay a visit to the local Community College (a state school) to find out about state and school district sponsored programs. That's if you want any chance of "public/district funding"! If you want dual credit for HS and college, their guidelines narrow what you can take at the school districts expense. Now, if you want pay the tuition yourself, then most likely you'll have more options, but you may not be given HS credit toward graduation.

As far as "Heidelberg's OPTIONS program" public funds won't be allocated for that program (religious sponsored institution)!

Enrique Said:

Can high school students take college courses before graduation...?

We Answered:

you should be able to do this. talk to your guidance counselor. the only problem you may have is the college you eventually go to accepting the credits from a community college. they likely would though.

Barbara Said:

i want to become an english teacher for high school students what college courses should i take?

We Answered:

Any course that helps you force students into avoiding use of text message abbreviations. "U R a h8er" is an abomination!

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