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College Help For High School Students

Alfredo Said:

How bad is it for a college guy to go out with a high school girl?

We Answered:

as long as shes older than 16 go 4 it, nothing wrong with a bit of an age gap

Clara Said:

Physics Made Easy - Which are the Best Self-Study Books for High School & College Students?

We Answered:

These are the 3 books I've had success with:

#1. "Physics Secrets" by Tim Croxford

#2. "Physics Made Simple" by Christopher Gordon De Pree…

#3. "Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide" by Karl F. Kuhn…

Jessie Said:

does any one know the movie about the high school/ college students that somehow had powers?

We Answered:

Sounds like The Covenant

Monica Said:

What is a good name/acronym for a group of high school students trying to get to college?

We Answered:

1 idea might be pre-U for pre-university. or College prep. I hope that's a suggestion. First thoughts...

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