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College High School

Annette Said:

What English and Math subjects are covered on the Hunter COllege High School admissions test?

We Answered:

Well, there's the reading comprehension questions for English, so make sure your daughter reads sufficiently. They're a little harder than the typical statewide-type questions, so her choices should ABOVE her reading level to challenge her. Make sure she knows her grammar, and her vocabulary's above average for her age.
Math problems require mostly just practice, so get her a book of maybe 7th or 8th grade level math problems. She should be able to perform algebra and a little geometry.
There's also an essay part, where you write a one-to-two-page personal essay about a specific topic they give. Every year it's different. For example, they may ask what your favorite age was, or what you think it'd be like to be blind. Make sure she knows to format it with intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion, and to have a thesis.
Good luck to her! Hunter's a great school.

Charlene Said:

How do you apply to go to Hunter College High School?

We Answered:

Contact the school and ask for an application./

Shawn Said:

How can I prepare for the Hunter College High School entrance examination?

We Answered:

wow....the test was really hard for me.....there were questions in a variety of fields....there were grammar and reading probably need to know PEMDAS and a lot of other math concepts.....its a lot tougher than any public school standardized test....i dont remember the essay topic though sorry...but there is this book Arco New York City Specialized High Schools Admissions has so practice questions from the Hunter test at the very end of the book....good luck

Stanley Said:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Miriam college high school?

We Answered:

You're independent
You're good at speaking in English
They'll challenge you
A better Christian
High facilities
Excellent teachers and you'll be an excellent student
Always advance in studies
Pretty people
Good and environmental place
Clean ---> practice recycling and segregation
Beside Ateneo (a lot of hot guys)
Girls have a lot of connection to hot guys (La Salle, Ateneo, Xavier)
When you say you're studying at MCHS, it would be a good impression to others
Actually more....

Like 20% of the population are lesbians.. no kidding ---> All-girls
Beauty and Brains competition
You must be very fluent in English or else they'll make fun of you or laugh at you
Must have a lot of money or else you couldn't buy the basic things for school and that food is very expensive there
Backstabbers and Blabbers

You're studying at MCHS? Then that'd be great!

Kay Said:

What do universities look at when you're a college/high school student?

We Answered:

they look at both hun

Judith Said:

Do you think 7th grade is a good time to start planning for college/high school?

We Answered:

its a good time to focus on your high school classes look at all of the choices and make a 4 year plan so you know exactly what your going to do and then you can focus on a college and carrer

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