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College Information For High School Students

Tiffany Said:

Pro Life - is there anything i could do to spread facts to local high school students?

We Answered:

While your enthusiasm is great, most people know how to look up the free clinic in the phone book or online. If your really that concerned about this, you can try and google it for certain groups like that , that live in the same area as you.

Karen Said:

Is it really harder to transfer to a university from a comm. college rather than straight out of high school?

We Answered:

That is not true. There are plenty of colleges that, according to what I've heard, at least, actually basically have deals with the local community colleges in order to help students transfer in. But regardless of that, it is not more difficult. You just want to make sure that you're taking classes that will transfer to the university of your choice. You don't have to get an associate's degree if you don't want to.

Here's what the University of Washington says about that:…

University of Washington Transfer eNewsletter:…

Tips for transfering to UW:…

More info here:…

Good luck.

Todd Said:

Survey for current public high school students on school violence?

We Answered:

1) Grade Level ;11
2) Age) 17
3) Sex: FEMALE
4) How would you rate the occurrences of violence in your school? MAJOR PROBLEM

5) How many violent situations can you recall witnessing or being involved in on school property within the last 30 days? a lot

6) To the best of your knowledge, how often do the following types of problems occur at your school?
A. Student Racial Tension OFTEN
B. Student Bullying DAILY
C. Student Verbal Abuse of teachers. OFTEN
D. Widespread Disorder Of Classrooms OCCASIONALLY
E. Student Acts of Disrespect for teachersOFTEN

7) In the last 30 days, how many times have you witnessed a teacher or other faculty member ignore altercations (verbal or physical) between students? many
8) During the current school year, how many times have you received detention or suspension due to a verbal or physical altercation? none

9) Describe the most effective student safety measures that you are aware of currently in place at your school. Alarm bell screaming send everyone running

10) Does your school use electronic surveillance to monitor activities inside the school and/or school grounds? YES

11 A. Do you feel that use of such electronic surveillance leads to fewer violent situations within the school setting? YES

B. If you answer yes, do you also feel that using electronic surveillance in schools results in a safer learning environment? YES

12) Do you agree that uniforms should be required for public school students? YES

13) Do you agree that random metal detector checks should be required in schools? YES
14) High schools are more likely to have security officers present on a regular basis as compared to elementary schools. STRONGLY AGREE

15) I feel very safe while attending my school.DISAGREE

16) What is the most important action your school and faculty members should pursue to create a safer and more comfortable learning environment? Strictly enforced discipline. Police assistance, charge a few weirdos in court-others will wake up

Alicia Said:

American college student transfer to London school?

We Answered:

I am not a native but I can tell you that the British government has its own website to assist international students and as you are in the USA, use their website for American students

The above website will have all the information that you need, including scholarships and financial aid. Their office will help you out. Consult them for further assistance. Browse that site as it is extremely useful and even has a list of all universities.

All the best!

Louis Said:

I would like some smart high school or college students to help me carry the ball on this one.?

We Answered:

i've read it and it is very interesting; i would like to add a few thoughts. you seem to be proposing an objective way of looking at life and i applaud your willingness to do so. there are very people in society willing to look at life through an objective lens for a change.

The ancient skeptics(the very first skeptics) proposed that the key to the instabilities or inconsistencies in human minds were "conflicting theories"
when theories in your mind conflict, you feel disparaged and grow a will to mediate or arbitrate that conflict in your mind. until this conflict is resolved, the human mind does not feel at ease.
a human being uses beliefs as a form of security and is often not willing to look at objective reasoning(impartial reason). realization that ones beliefs are wrong also causes a human to feel disparaged. an attack on a persons beliefs is also an attack on the human ego/pride.
this is why people often hang on to beliefs with such force.

with this in mind, it is good to look at life through an objective lens and remain unsubscribed to any particular party.
objective reasoning is the universal arbitrator.

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