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College Students Time Management

Bill Said:

Should we teach children stress and time management starting in elementary schools?

We Answered:

I don't know about time management but stress management seems to be a good idea. Adults think children are under little if any stress but if I remember correctly, children also get VERY stressed from issues adults often cannot or would not relate to. Fitting in, parents expectations, exams, etc.

It seems to me the stress levels don't really change much -- just the issues that have to be dealt with.

The problem with either idea is convincing ADULTS that it's needed. To implement a program like that, it would probably need the support of a large number of adults. If THEY can't be convinced it's needed, the problem shifts to one of implementation.

Harvey Said:

Need time management help?

We Answered:

Managing your time and using it wisely is a journey, and not something that can be easily mastered overnight. Implementing a plan will help, but it is not going to be a sure cure. Time management requires a significant amount of self-discipline.

This article contains some great no-nonsense tips for increasing your productivity and effectively managing your time:…

Patrick Said:

Could someone please recommend good time management techniques?

We Answered:

Well, you can always check your schedule when you wake up.

At the beginning of your day, review your schedule entirely. You may notice that some of your day will be busy, and some will be free. Try to distribute your activities evenly and wisely throughout the day.

After that, keep note pads that you can bring anywhere. It will help you remind your tasks and responsibilities, as well as avoid overlap activities. If you still find overlaps, try to prioritize your tasks.

If you have made a schedule, but you still feel that there are too many tasks, you need to foregone some of them. Try to reorganize and revise your schedule.

If you want to get things done and be more productive, you can use time management software if you want to.

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