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College Tours For High School Students 2010

Claudia Said:

Where do I apply to college!? Inside are details, I need some guidance?

We Answered:

Holy Cross outside Boston is on the top ten list of most beautiful college campuses and has one of the highest academic ratings of 98 by the Princeton Review. It is only 2800 students but has top notch division 1 athletics and is part of the Patriot League. It is the top ranked Catholic liberal arts college in the country according to US News & World Report college rankings.

Alvin Said:

I feel like I've been born in the WRONG country :'( HELP!?

We Answered:

When you become an adult, you can choose to move to America. Or, you can find a way to get your interests into Australia. If basketball is ever going to become popular there, someone has to spearhead the effort. That person could be you. You realize from your countries history that someone had to bring all of the sports you enjoy there. Someone had to be first. As well as sports, someone brought orchestral music, opera, libraries, and many of the other wonderful things we all can take for granted. Instead of bemoaning your fate or abandoning your country, you could be the one who makes changes.

In America we point out that "Any little boy can grow up to be President." In your case, you could be the one who popularizes basketball.

Or, you could hang tough for a few more years and then emigrate to America, where we have plenty of other basketball players and the going will be tougher if you want to make it as a career. Right now, America is going through an Economic Recession. Things are pretty tough for all of us and jobs are getting hard to come by. It will be touch and go for many years before we see better. It is not a good time to plan on coming here.

You met a girl and I am glad for you. Write her. At 15, that is about the best you can hope for anyway. If you are in love and she is too, she will still be around in 3 years. There are many relationships that have lasted a long separation. If the love does not last, the friendship still might. You could end up with a pen pal for life. Who knows, you might still have a reason for visiting America again.

Randall Said:

What are my chances of admission to the University of Illinois as a transfer student?

We Answered:

You look like a great candidate to me, but you really need to take this up with the admissions department. Call them and discuss your situation. Not only will you get specific information on your situation, you can get hints on how to make your application more attractive to them. Also, you'll get brownie points for initiative and practicality -- and it never hurts to have a personal relationship with someone who helps decide on admissions.

By the way, are you considering any other schools? You strike me as a good candidate for some of the 40 schools in "Colleges that Change Lives" ( If so, and if Knox is on your list, let me know; we have two alumni in the family.

Jorge Said:

Can I get into Brown or Columbia?

We Answered:

There are several free online services that help you find a school that is already accepting students with your credentials. My favorite is College Matchmaker, from the College Board company. Go to that website, enter your personal information and SAT or ACT scores, tell them where [State or area or even by zip code] you want to go to college and what majors you may be interested in, and see what comes up. Then, make sure that you apply to at least three of the schools likely to accept you. College admissions can be cruel at times, and you definitely want to have some choice

Here is the web address:…

Also, it is a good idea to read what other students say about the colleges you are investigating. The best free site for that feedback is run by The Princeton Review.
Here is their web address:

BTW - one of my kids got her degree from Columbia - and nobody cares except her. She has to wait in line along with the kids who got their degrees from the local cow-pasture state school.

Leroy Said:

how is my college essay? any comments would be awesome?

We Answered:

Okay, you seem to be a good writer, and a leader, but I am going to be honest with you. Colleges go through THOUSANDS of college essays. Yours needs to be strong, from the first sentence. You need to have a strong position and passion about what you're saying, and after reading your essay, I do not feel impressed. You talk about being such a great leader, but start off by saying that you are not sure of the most crucial roles of a leader. What you need to do to prove your leadership is say what makes you a good leader, not just saying how you took a lady's umbrella and walked through a crowd. Not strong enough by itself. You need to make your qualities as a leader obvious. Part of being a great leader is knowing exactly how to be one, and knowing what people want from you. Talk about qualities that you possess that make you an extraordinary, unique, and strong leader. I cannot tell you how many kids write their college essays about being a leader. You talk about your leadership in the hallways and streets, but HOW are you a good leader? Are you kind? Strong? Passionate? Your essay is empty of passion!! Make it more powerful and unique! I do not mean to sound harsh, but I want you to do the best you possibly can! Knock those admissions people of their chairs! Don't just say, "I'm a good leader because I am a role model to freshmen." Put more substance in your essay! GOOD LUCK!

Clarence Said:

How is my college essay? Am i finished?

We Answered:

I really liked the second half or so of your essay, but I was confused from the beginning because you suggested that you would be talking about what makes a poor leader, when in actuality you were talking about your own strong leadership skills.

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