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Community Projects For High School Students

Lydia Said:

Do community colleges allow high school students to access their labs?

We Answered:

obviously they "may" and it cant hurt to ask or apply. Go through your high school science teacher and let him or her convince the college. Incubators are easy to rig up in any lab, culturing bacteria is surprisingly simple, done in high school micro biology classes all the time... you may simply be overestimating your needs.

Cecil Said:

what activites would be good to raise awareness for child abuse? (community and for a high school students) ?

We Answered:

i'm not really sure but you know those commercials on tv about the animal abuse? well those commercials really annoy me because we have human abuse and yet you don't see any adds or commercials for that do you!? maybe just make pictures and flyers and post them around school and then your community?

Salvador Said:

Is is possible for an ESL students who have been in high school in US 3 years to go to university?

We Answered:

You can definitely go to college or university. Check with guidance counselors at your high school for specific advice. English will be a challenge, but most colleges & universities have instructors who specialize in helping ESL students (I am one of them), so you can succeed as long as you're willing to work hard!

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