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Community Service For High School Students

Mike Said:

Should high school students be required to do community service in order to graduate?

We Answered:

The only defense I can think of for not being required to do community service is that community service is a voluntary thing. You don't get paid except in feeling good about yourself. If you are forced into it, then it is no longer voluntary.

People who choose to do community service, instead of serving time in jail, are actually volunteering rather than lose their freedom. Children who are forced to volunteer are not volunteering.

Johnnie Said:

Should community service be required for high school students, why or why not?

We Answered:

Outside of school I don't think it would be a good idea. But maybe a class where you do community service like once every week or something. Or a club where you do community service. But I think a lot of students would see it as taking some of their freedom by making them do it outside of school.

Lucille Said:

Do u guys know any community services for high school students?

We Answered:

help out @ the humane society you can be proud by urself and its a great afterschool activity u can really help and make animals feel happy, its fun and nice. HELP HUMANE SOCIETY!

Harold Said:

Where would the $ for Obama's tax credit for community service for college for high school students come from?

We Answered:

CBS hired an independent company to look at Obama's promises and they determined even if the war in Iraq ended he would still be 90 Billion dollars short to cover the costs. They asked him where the rest of the money would come from and he said "I'll find it somewhere". Isn't that what happened to the sub prime loans? Gave people houses they couldn't afford hoping they would find the money "somewhere?"

That came from CBS not FOX.

Gary Said:

Good community service ideas for high school students?

We Answered:

Pick up trash along the highway

Kenneth Said:

Is it mandatory for senior high school students to do community service?

We Answered:

It would depend on your school. If a community service class is required than yes you have to take it. Schools have different graduation requirements. Were the people you talked to all from your school? If it is only half and half in your own school I would talk to the guidance counselor or principal to see why the difference in requirements. It is from different schools, well that is your answer. Community service isn't bad, it is actually quite rewarding (in my opinion).

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