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Community Service Form For High School Students

Katherine Said:

How to write reference letter for community service for student?

We Answered:

Use your own common sense. Include the number of hours and dates if possible. Indicate what she did to help the school and not just you. Evaluate her work./

Shelly Said:

Why are high schools so insistent on the Communist principle of "community service"?

We Answered:


Maxine Said:

What are colleges looking for in applications?

We Answered:

Most colleges are looking for a well rounded student, One who works and have played sports who is envoled in the school student body activites, Good grades help but its not what is all important. You must be able to put in the effort to be a great contribution to your college of choice. Good luck!

Wesley Said:

Mandated Community Service as graduation project...?

We Answered:

what you are doing is admirable. community is where we live and the people around us. i'm sure you've put in above and beyond 25 hours.

invite her over and let her see the community of family. or would she like to take your place for the holidays so that you can voluteere in a soup kitchen. be sure to remind her that helping out at your hose is community work.

another option would be getting a letter of medical necessity from your or your brothers doctor and taking it to your school administrator.

better yet, get the letter first and then invite her over to help. if she refuses send the to administration and cc her.

good luck. the Worlds a better place
with people like you. thanks for being part of my World,

Alfred Said:

(repost) Mandated Community Service as graduation project?

We Answered:

If your counselor won't help, go to an administrator.

It concerns me that you are the caretaker for your family - who is taking care of you? Whether you have disabilities or not, as a high school student, it seems unlikely that there is no one there to help you.

Call your doctors to see if they can write letters of recommendation to the school for alternative projects.

Another idea would be to find some sort of community service that can fit within your limitations - perhaps making websites from home for non-profit organizations. Do some research into your local area to see if any organizations may be able to help you with your requirement, just in case your school is totally messed up.

If all else fails... get a GED instead of a diploma. There's no shame in that.

Dwayne Said:

Community college (Blinn College) in Texas looking to transfer?

We Answered:

If you have 60 hours, it is unlikely that your SAT will be considered at all.

With some of the finest schools in the world, why would you be considering the land of the fruits and nuts?
think instead of:

UT - Austin
Texas A&M College Station

And if you are willing, look at some of the superb world-class 4 year private universities in Texas - Rice, Trinity SATX, Southwestern in Georgetown, Austin College in Sherman, and the Honors program at TCU. They are the tickets to the finest grad and professional programs in the country. 2 of my own kids went the private college route and it cost about the same as the one who stayed home and went to UT-Austin.

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