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Community Service Forms For High School Students

Elmer Said:

What are my chances for Ivy League admittance?

We Answered:

There is a wealth of information from actual students who attend the colleges you are looking into here:

Detailed surveys that provide Information on what it takes to get in, social life, academics, etc from both current students of the college and recent alumni. This is much more informative than other sites I have reviewed.

Calvin Said:


We Answered:

Use the site below to help determine pertinent schools for you./

Amanda Said:

Can you believe this Threat from Violent MS-13 Gang Continues to Escalate could be operating in your community

We Answered:

The Border Patrol is in front line Combat against the Gangs as we speak. They need the dope coming north, and they depend on that dope for sales that keep them in their hot shot apartments. But without any doubt at all, the M-13 Gang, as well as all the Central American Gangs, are intensely dangerous.

Most don't know this.. they are very bright.. they avoid the spotlight, and when the violence breaks out, they don't give one single care at all who gets hurt. So it is a bright sunshiney day, and the next moment there is an extended gun fight on the street you are on, and more stray rounds that they had at Ka Shan all those months.

They black mail. They go out of their way to help people get into this country, enable good identification documents, and then they blackmail. They have more dealers in the Los Angeles area, or any illegal alien group, than any group has ever had.

They are a staggering problem and amnesty for illegal aliens would put nails in our coffins.

Marian Said:

National Junior Honor society.?

We Answered:

I'm pretty sure that NJHS already has a mission statement.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but NJHS really isn't that important. It wont help you get into NHS.
NHS, on the other hand, is very helpful when applying to college.

Jennifer Said:

What do they mean by "Send In All Application Materials...?"?

We Answered:

Application materials include your application form, transcripts, letters, essays, and anything else they request. If they ask for it in triplicate, be prepared to bring three copies of all your documents. If it's recommendation letters, it should be in a sealed envelope, usually with a signature across the flap, so ask whoever writes those letters to make three copies and then seal them in those envelopes.
If they don't need the extras, then you asked a little bit extra of a few people. If they do need them, you'll be prepared, which is better than not asking for them and then not having them if you need them.
Best of luck!

Brett Said:

How much is too much?

We Answered:

Chris*, what a resume! You've accomplished more in 18 years than most people do in a lifetime. If all those top schools don't come begging with a boatload of money in their hands, they've lost their minds. I'm surprised you're still alive and sane.

I can see the problem, though. You've got so much stuff! Group the stuff that's common together; for example, all the music items together. Don't just say "award", but name it and date it. List the stuff, not just spelling bees, but which ones. Lump the sports together: dancing, fencing, and archery. Do NOT omit descriptions. Include the details. They prove you've really done it because details are verifiable. The only things I'd omit are working for the parents and the "Persecuted Church" stuff (what is that anyway?) You might include the work in a law firm, but omit the "parent's" part.

Good luck. Not that you'll need it.

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