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Community Service Hours For High School Students

Andy Said:


We Answered:

Put together a sheet with columns with date, activity, organizer, signature, and contact information and your name at the top. So let's say you volunteer at the Red Cross, and John Smith is in charge of the event. Just tell him why you need the hours, and I'm sure he'd be glad to sign your form.

Nov 11, 2008; Red Cross Event; John Smith, Organizer; (555) 887-2345; 2.5 hours; {John Smith's Signature}

Ask the NHS if they have something like this for you to get signed, and if they don't, make your own. Be sure to attach a flyer or something from each event you help with!

Alan Said:

Is it legal for a private school to require 3 hours of "community service" and count it as a school day?

We Answered:

It's a private school, so they pretty much play by their own rules. If they want to include 3 hours of community service in the curriculum, then they most certainly can.

Some holidays are required...what ones do they take away?

As for the racism, I'm sure those black students can sue the school for not providing the agreed upon services, and for emotional damages.

Dawn Said:

School jipped me out of community service hours?

We Answered:

filing in a big company's office is not community service. What you did in no way benefit the residents of your community.

Victoria Said:

who officially gives out community service hours?

We Answered:

In most cases, the organization or school will provide validation of hours, as most programs require either a standard form, or a validation of hours on the letterhead of the organization.

I would suggest that you contact the administration of the elementary school, or work with your local public library or volunteer center to start a volunteer project associated with the organization.

I lead a mentoring project myself, but it is "officially" run by our local volunteer center.……

As the project leader, I do have the authority to sign for volunteer hours. The volunteer center issues forms and other materials to process hours for the volunteers. I also lead other projects sanctioned directly by other organizations. The administration of the specific organization supplies me with all the materials to sign documentation for volunteer hours with the project as well.

In both cases, I do report the hours to the volunteer center or other organization for their records as well.

Good luck!

Colleen Said:

do schools really check in on student's community service hours to see if they are legit?

We Answered:

Yes...... though I don't see how it would be a problem, because no one would ever do that. Its community service-it not only helps the people you are volunteering for, but your emotional and physical being!

Lois Said:

community work oppurtunities for high school students in pittsburgh (PA) area?

We Answered:

Pick up the litter on & by the roadways in that area. Might even find some money while you're doin' it.

Ethel Said:

Is doing Community Service during high school beneficial for college admission? How good is it?

We Answered:

It is great for college admisson.There is alot of money out there just for college just for doing community service.I know two people who got $2,500 for college juist for being an official in key club.Juat make sure your hours are recorded.Go to thse sites for volunteer events:

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