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Community Service Opportunities For High School Students

Heather Said:

How good is my cover letter? I am a high school student?

We Answered:

Everything looks great. The only thing I would add, is that no where in the letter do you name the position you are applying for. You just say the one "listed on Craigslist". I think you should say something like "the administrative assistant (or whatever) position listed on Craigslist".

Otherwise, good technique of drawing the focus away from your lack of work experience to focus in on your skills and volunteer work. Also good job at keeping it under a page. Manager's dont want to read a book with each resume.

Jerome Said:

What the hek?? Can Obama really do this?

We Answered:

Your parents on welfare by any chance ? There only requiring them to do the community service IF They claim the tax credit. So no it's not requiring them to do community service for NO reason. The reason is 4 grand..
Not that I like defending Obama. I voted for McCain and don't regret doing so.

Annie Said:

Is this a good essay? Read, correct and critique, please!?

We Answered:

When I was reading this I thought.. "What? 3 hours only?" but then found out what you meant was 3 hours a week. Maybe state "three hours a week" throughout the essay so that readers won't be confused of this.

Do you have a source for the drug surveys? If so, you ought to cite it.

Found a few grammar and punctuation mistakes, but those can be easily fixed by reading the essay over.

"The importance of giving back to one’s community has been forgotten and in high schools across the country the average graduation requirement for community service is a mere twenty hours."
- Sounds like a run on sentence. You could start a new sentence starting with "In high schools across the country[,] the average..." (be sure to include the comma)
- If you have a source for this, do cite.

"Obligating students to perform a minimum of three hours of community service per week will give them something constructive to do and in many cases, prohibit them from engaging in drugs."

- I would restate this sentence like this:

"Having students obligate to perform a minimum of three hours of community service per week will give them constructive activities to do and will discourage drug use."

I don't think obligating was used correctly
"Give them something constructive to do" doesn't sound very academic
"In many cases" should be used to describe cases that has already happened, not future events. And my English Professor had always tells us to not use the numbers game, which is using words like many, most, some.

I would recommend against using terms like "fast-forward" or "forever-rushing."

"The immensity of these schools makes it difficult to establish close friendships and causes teenagers to feel like a number rather than a unique individual."
- I would be more specific here, since you are talking about the student body and not the size of the school environment, right?

"Typical activities in community service such as: helping out at a soup-kitchen, carwashes, bake sales and fundraisers all require group-effort and communication between students which will oftentimes lead to the beginning of great friendships."
- The colon is not need after "such as."

Just several pointers to help you improve this essay. It's a good essay, but I would go more in depth in explaining some of your points to develop it more.

Matthew Said:

I want to start a student website identifying extra curricular opportunities?

We Answered:

Google then create a business plan. Share it with parents, peers and friends. Check with your local college or university about extra curricular activities that most influence those teachers in charge of awarding scholarships. Involve all the teachers in your school. Seek their advice and input.
Next, solicit advice from IT graduates about the design and execution of a web site. Continue to research, and analyze all of these points on a daily basis.

Ricky Said:

If you attempt to do a sport, but don't make the team, is it mentionable on your resume?

We Answered:

Well, technically you didn't not make it. The team was just cut. If you do golf for fun outside of school, then I would put that on your resume--particularly if you help organize a charity golf tournament or work as a caddy etc.

If you can't find an organization that you are excited about, start one. Not only will you have a club to put on your resume, but putting you are the organizer will look even better.

Joe Said:

Suggestions for colleges to look at?

We Answered:

You have a great shot at Holy Cross, BC, and Tufts.

Princeton Review Academic Rating for Greater Boston area colleges:

Harvard 99
College of the Holy Cross 98
Boston College 87
Tufts 89
Brandeis 88
MIT 97
Boston Univ 84
Northeastern 79

Heidi Said:

What's the population of students with Aspergers' Syndrome / Autism disorders ages 16-22 who are unemployed?

We Answered:

I doubt if there are good statistics to answer your question.
I do want to tell you that I read many questions on this board and you are an excellent writer especially for one who does not have a university degree. I think you would be able to do something that would take advantage of your writing skills. What that would be would depend on where you live, but if you could get something along this line many of your Asperger's problems would not come into play. Good Luck and keep trying.

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