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Community Service Projects For High School Students

Emma Said:

APPLYING FOR HIGH SCHOOL! application essay help!....... PLEASE!?!?

We Answered:

wow, that's very good...
well done, it sounds like you're a great person.
not only in school, but out too.
good luck =)

Stella Said:

I'm a high school junior and wondering, is a 3.7 GPA and a 32 on the ACT enough for University of Michigan?

We Answered:

You probably should get in, but I know people with similar statistics who were rejected/waitlisted. If you get your GPA up to a 3.8, and your ACT up to a 34, though, or even just one of those - you'll be a lock.

Harvey Said:

Community service project idea for curing apathy?

We Answered:

Be more specific. Apathy about what? Just "apathy" is too general. Apathy about volunteering? About the plight of neglected animals in your community? About politics? About their future? About their fellow students? About bullying? You have to be more specific in order to create a campaign around it.

Calvin Said:

Getting Involved In Service Projects--Suggestions?

We Answered:

Your local volunteer center can help you get started. In my community, my volunteer center has a youth volunteer leader program, and uses that template for school volunteer programs. Our youth leaders plan various community projects throughout the year.

The Points of Light Foundation provides the curriculum that our youth leaders utilize. Try the following links to find your local volunteer center:…

Through my volunteer center, I've expanded library tutoring program, worked at our local children's shelter, and led many of our teen community service projects

Amber Said:

Black People High School Club.. Need help! Black ppl i need help!?

We Answered:

Back in 1988 I co-founded a youth organization called "Brother and Sister United" (BSU) and we form this group for all of the senior class of the surrounding high school member to join and at total before our graduation we had over 100 members and this group is still going as we speak, we participate in varies of events throughout the city and donate gifts during the holiday. And even threw probably the craziest and a*s kicking party that year (at our Civic Center)
find someone you can trust with helping you with your plan (a mentor). And some real close and trustworthy friends. Email me if you need further help.

Ray Said:

Whats a good name for a community service club?

We Answered:

Students Who Care

The word "shelter" comes from the word "shield."
The Shield Club

Students for Sheltering the Community ( I know that one is a little long).

Good luck with your club. I admire you and your fellow students. Kudos!

Erin Said:

Community service ideas?

We Answered:

Check out these sites and also your local Chamber of Commerce to see what projects or programs are going on in your area.

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