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Computer Activities For High School Students

Nancy Said:

What's are some extra curricular activities in high school that colleges look for in a student?

We Answered:

You should participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities. Colleges really look for "well-rounded" students, so don't just focus on one main interest. Try some activities that contribute to the school and the world (which will definitely impress universities!) like Student Government, community service groups, volunteer activities, etc. Also, extracurriculars that show you're a strong student will help-- Honor Society, for example. Sports and music and art stuff is important, too. Remember, the key word is "well-rounded"!

Roberto Said:

Hi A computer questions??? (MUTIPLE CHOiCE)?

We Answered:


Keith Said:

How to better manage school and extra-curricular activities?

We Answered:

get a day planner and carry it around with you so you don't forget any appointments or anything.

If you want to skip DECA, you could do STAR Events for FCCLA instead. You would get the same kind of experience working on a project/presentation and then competing.

The important thing to remember about Geometry is that you just have to remember which formula to use, the rest is easy with a calculator. Speech should be easy as well, you will probably have to write a 1-2 pages for each assignment and usually on topics that you already know about or are interested in. And just remember that you will be talking in front of friends (or if not your friends others who are having to go though the same thing you are).

Shelly Said:

what are some good activities computer clases for high schoolers?

We Answered:

Bring in your own PC's and have a LAN party after school. Install a game like counterstrike and have a big match. Tell him you guys would learn some networking and some other basic stuff while having some fun.

Georgia Said:

Homeschool High School / Unschool Q: How do you determine credit for unschool / extracurricular activities?

We Answered:

My friends with high schoolers have said that they track their kids' hours spent in programs like that and award credit accordingly.

In order to earn a full credit, a student should spend 3.5-5 hours per week on a subject; if your son spends that much each week on speech club (attending, preparing, researching, etc.), that (in my mind, at least) would count as an English/Speech credit.

The same for apprenticeship, computers, and music - if he spends at least 3.5-5 hours per week in each of these, that counts as a credit. Computer science and music are pretty easy to assign; the apprenticeship, depending on what it is, could count as science, business, etc.

I have a 10yo, so we're not there yet, but I count his competitive baseball team as a PE credit, Scouts as a class (the child easily puts 3-5 hours per week into his badge work), and plays that he is in as a theater arts elective credit.

That's how I would do it - time. If he puts in the time, he gets the credit. You could sit down with him and decide on criteria for grading, and then just apply that criteria to his work.

Hope that helps!

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