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Contests For High School Students 2010

April Said:

Running Start to Out-Of-State College?

We Answered:

If you want premed also add Tufts and Holy Cross.

You have a great shot at all if you keep up current trend.

Ronald Said:


We Answered:

thanx for the info. I voted

Ruth Said:

Do these kids deserve a prom?

We Answered:

you have my vote. good luck cupertino

Kurt Said:

Can someone please help my BS my Maryknoll essay?

We Answered:

Hey friend long time no see.
I think you could use your experience here on Y!A in writing your essay. I am sorry to here you are atheist now but that's ok, we all go through our own stuff, I went through mine and I think I am a better person for it, so I hope the same goes for you on your life journey. Anyway, you have done some spreading the of the word on here as I recall and maybe you could go back and look at your journey on Y!A from when you were Catholic and use that as part of your essay.

edit---If not, feel free to use mine there is some really Catholic stuff in my Q&A's. Sorry to here about your other accounts.

Angelene is doing great, she is walking and talking and a little Dickens! Hahaha good luck with the Essay you know if you do use my stuff on here feel free to email me with questions. I love to write so maybe I really could help, email me if you want.

Love and God bless you (even if you don't believe),

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