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Culinary Scholarships For High School Students

Miguel Said:

My older daughter will be graduating a year early?

We Answered:

I would suggest she search for scholarships and take some business courses before culinary school.

Alicia Said:


We Answered:

The culinary schools charge apx $23,000 for the 9 month curriculum. You graduate with a certificate that will be recognized in the industry.

The 18 month curriculum is $43,000 and you learn ice sculpture and cake decorating and other specialties.

You can add another 18 months to get a Bachelor Of Arts degree.

The problem has been that the schools are graduating 20 people for every 1 opening. So great chefs are working in steak houses.

Take classes at your community college. If you have any cooking ability , you will be noticed.

Debbie Said:

Johnson and Wales Charlotte?

We Answered:

J&W is an excellent school in every way. However, for your basic culinary program, you are much MUCH better off at the local community college.
No matter where you go, your first jobs will be as a basic line cook at $12/hr [if you're lucky].
So you can become a J&W grad with $60,000 in debt, or a CC grad with maybe $6,000 in debt - and both of you will compete for the same $12/hr. line cook jobs.

Read "Kitchen Confidential" by Anthony Bourdain. You ought to be able to find it at the local library.

Also, you need to start cooking.
If the Weaver Academy you are mentioning is the public high school in Guilford, North Carolina, that is an excellent program. It may be for juniors and seniors - if so, make sure you complete all your other courses so there is no academic bar to getting into the program.

Keep in mind that culinary is a business as well. Anything that will help you in business, especially including algebra, will make your culinary career more likely to be successful.

Herman Said:

What is the difference between catering college and culinary school?

We Answered:

Both have similarities and differences. A catering school offers education regarding catering and organization of events whilst culinary school offer high rank hospitality related degrees and courses..

Lauren Said:

How can I find/get a scholarship or grant?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

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