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Current Events Articles For High School Students

Gilbert Said:

The Seeker corrects blunder on Palin, and autism,Is this celiac rediculous also?

We Answered:

I think your time would be better spent in something else.
I have never really come across such a confusing character before and so this makes it hard for me to know what exactly to recommend you do with your time.
I certainly don't think calling yourself the seeker, talking in the third person and claiming to 'hold a key to the better future we all live and hope to see...' is going to do your mind any good.
you are just perpetuating your own fallacy of being an outsider, superior and some kind of chosen one.
Stop breathing dust, it's not helping.
Best Regards,

Dale Said:

Please Help!?

We Answered:

British Scientists Develop Non-Stick Chewing Gum,2933,2968…
Pro-Pot Group Claims Marijuana Cures Mad Cow Disease,2933,2971…
All I did was go to, scroll down to the science section, and locate both of these very interesting articles. You could do the same with any online news (yahoo, cnn, nytimes, bbc, etc.)
****Good luck****

Victoria Said:

What is this article mainly about?

We Answered:

The Obama administration wants to reform education,the way teachers instruct students and reduces costs

Tara Said:

How can I get into Stanford, UCLA, or USC? Is this good enough?

We Answered:

REALLY depends on your SATs and ACTs.

No one (not even the Admissions Committees of those colleges) can approximate your acceptance JUST based on your transcript and extra curricular involvement. Judging FROM your scores though, you should do decently well on your SATs and have a decent chance at getting in to your top 6 choices. Pepperdine will be a "guarantee" if you can get a 1950ish on the SATs. By "guarantee" I mean a very very high chance (but nothing is guaranteed).

Assuming you get a 2000-2050 on your SATs and have a successful entrepreneurship (with your website -- hopefully it's quality stuff) then you should be in the pool where candidates get "randomly" drawn. What I mean by "randomly drawn" is that there are a lump sum of very qualified candidates but only 10-20% of these very qualified candidates actually get selected.

Good luck.

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Antonio said:

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