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Current Events For High School Students

Wesley Said:

Are Teenagers informed on what's going on in the world today?

We Answered:

only what is going on in their own little world, the rest they haven't got a clue about.

Melissa Said:

Are there any virus / infection movies suitable for high school viewing?

We Answered:

i am legend (will smith) its an outbreak movie that gives a message in its own. ( yes, the outbreak turns them like 28 days later, but its better then that) it give a message. or the movie Philadelphia, its about aids.

Sarah Said:

What is the ideal weight for a high school student, 5'11, interested in javelin?

We Answered:

i dont know what it is, but im also interested in javelin. although i dont know if ill be able to start it before college, but if you do any other throwing you should be fine

Vernon Said:

Why is it that only 32% of students leave high school are academically ready for college?

We Answered:

Well...the public school system in this country sucks. Point blank.

There is a lot that a student needs to learn to keep up once they're in college. Teachers at the high school level simply can't accommodate that. Why? Well, the kids aren't getting the basics they need back in grade (elementary) school. Especially in these last few batches of kids that were part of the No Child Left Behind program. Even when I was in school. There were kids who really didn't read that well. Comprehension was crap. But they were still passed to the next grade. By the time you're in middle school you really don't care, or are too embarrassed to ask for help. All these kids end up in high school. In the classes you took. You are a smart student. YOU get it. But the teacher has to dumb-down the curriculum in order to accommodate students that aren't up to par. It just evolves over time. So YOU have the potential to know more, but the teacher isn't teaching everything you really need to know because a lot of stuff has to be re-taught. Plus classroom sizes are way beyond what they need to be. Think about it. If there were only 12 kids in your class back in high school, think how much could be taught in one class period versus the class having 25-30 students.

So you do well enough to get in the school of your choice. Once you get there, everything is way more advance than what you were taught. You feel embarrassed and cheated. There is a list of what you should know as a senior graduating from high school. The math is pretty straight forward, but things like English comp is a bit more vague because that is a more subjective subject.

Fred Said:

Have good suggestions for class starters (high school)?

We Answered:

I used to have starters (I teach high school history), like quickwrites, discussion Qs, etc., but found the same thing--they just blow it off by talking and screwing around. You have to make it so that whatever you do is worth a significant number of points for them.

For all my classes I usually start off with my powerpoint notes. They are required to have binders and I give them points for keeping up with notes (50 pts. every 5 weeks). They know that if they don't take notes, they don't get points (and I won't wait for them to finish).

For my Gov't class I start the class off with a political cartoon analysis. Again, their cartoon analysis is required for their political cartoon portfolio (which is a 10-week project worth 100 pts.). They know that if they don't do the analysis right-then-and-there they will miss out on the class discussion and will be lost, thus screwing up points for their portfolio.

Unfortuately, you have to do something that strikes fear in their hearts by making it worth points that can affect their grades. Once you let them know you mean business and are not going to put up with b.s., your reputation will preceed you.

Myrtle Said:

What time do students who go to overcrowded high schools in nyc start eating lunch?

We Answered:

they eat lunch at lunchtime. wanna guess when they eat dinner?

Terrence Said:

High school classes, electives, and extra curricular activities help?!?!?

We Answered:

For electives, you should take Spanish (or any other language) for four years, and Sociology or some creative writing class. Colleges seem to love volunteer hours, so try to work at some local charities, particularly those related to your future profession. I've heard that the "magic number" of volunteer hours is 100.
A few extracurriculars that you can be really involved in (like being the president) will be better than a lot of them.
Whatever you take, keep in mind that you must meet the college's required high school classes (check the website). Try to get really good grades and SAT scores.
Good luck!

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