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Debatable Topics For High School Students

Sandra Said:

Ielts essay grading please?

We Answered:

Hi Shan

I was also looking for this topic when I happened to see your text. I think that you have written a good one. One point I noted is that you have given your opinion quite early which you should save for the last.
Shan we can also incline our result more towards employer oriented as we are taught in general at school level. Then we get a chance to decide what we want to become in life and we take admissions in courses like Engineering, Medical and Architecture etc. So we can say that universities neither should be specific in teaching for an employer but must have specializations related to a particular field which in itself is so vast.
What do you think about this? Please let me know.



Calvin Said:

Teens_ Should Prayer in Schools be allowed ? How should it go about happening ?

We Answered:

i never really thought about it. but i would say it should be allowed. as long as they arent disrupting anyone around them, they can pray silently. some schools set aside time to pray and get together before or after school

Discuss It! said:

But if the parents do give proper attention to their children’s then there will be not a problem for the student. And the student will give great results n his education as well as in the other activities.

Micheal said:

It is awesome step to start Debatable Topics For High School Students. It will surely helpful for youngsters who love to use Internet. The most thing which I like here is prayer along with study, It should be allowed on each school.

uk essays help said:

I think that you just have written a decent one. One purpose I noted is that you just have given your opinion quite early that you must other than the last. Shan square measure able to} conjointly incline our result additional towards leader orienting as we have a tendency to are instructed generally in school level.

Wisata Pulau Harapan said:

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Pulau Tidung said:

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Northgrove University said:

Debates should be carried out between students as it gives them confidence and encourage them to get as much knowledge as possible.

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