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Debate Topics For High School Students

Tamara Said:

junior high debate help?

We Answered:

Bad Points:
You would be changing schools every year which is tough, especially in Junior High.
One exam is not a good test factor, someone has a bad day and they are with all the "dumb" kids, someone has a good day they are with all the "smart kids"
Kids at the failing school wouldn't be doing so well they won't have any intelligent contribution to discussions, the teacher(s) will probably be upset with the lack of effort, etc.
Good Points:
The higher level would move very fast and the gap between "dumb" and "smart" would greatly increase (don't know if that's good or bad)

Sorry I guess mine are a little obvious. Good Luck in your debate remember to think on your feet if you have to.

Ruth Said:

What is the best topic for a persuasive speech/debate?

We Answered:

You could make it about the media. I did a persuasive speech on how ridiculous reality TV is getting to be these days. You could point out that the media does more than their fair share of beating certain topics to death.

Marian Said:

Could you give my your opinions about this debate topic?

We Answered:

I think it is apparently an interesting topic in which my, your, his, her and their opinions have to be considered. So I suggest a brain storming session among all the concerned people as mentioned above and discuss the proposition to arrive at a consensus. This is my considered opinion and suggestion.

Discuss It!

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