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Debating Topics For High School Students

Erik Said:

Hey teens, what are the most important topics/issues that you want to discuss or learn more about?

We Answered:

I will prefere these topics:
Modern Physics-New technology
Maths Puzzles
Debats-Scientic and Social topics, I prefer Social
Great Minds of the World-their Biography
Teens they need appreciation, you would have to care for their opinions and value them, and this makes them really happy.

Kelly Said:

Why do non-expert enjoy debating expert level topics so much?

We Answered:

As a world-renowned award-winning Creationist I can tell you most plainly that there are many people who are more interested in being master debaters than in becoming educated in the subjects that they would be debating.

Alfred Said:

Should high schools implement an athletic graduation requirement?

We Answered:

Is athletic ability needed to succeed in the workplace?
No job outside of professional sports requires it. Schools should do something to get kids in shape, because they're getting fat as hell, but the current emphasis they have on competitive sports (at the expense of academics) is ridiculous and should have no bearing whatsoever on a child's ability to graduate.

Leon Said:

Should pubic HS students be required to pass a standardized exit exam in order to graduate?

We Answered:

Public hs students should and are required to pass an exam. in new jersey, its the HSPA(highschool proficiency assessment)

its to see if the student has learned enough

Gertrude Said:

FOR THOSE OF YOU LOVE TO ARGUE.. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO HELP ME.. im a senior in high school and cannot fail!!

We Answered:

Here are a few. If you can answer them, I want you to apply for a job in the State Department. We need more people like you there!

The US was founded to break away from tyranny. Now, we are giving our rights back to a government that is becoming more tyrannical every day. How can we stop this dangerous, slippery slope of having a draconian government?!?!?

Yes, we've given up rights, but why should we? Are we any safer without those rights as we are with them? Show me the data!

So, with the Patriot Act, the president and his minions can tap my phones and listen to my conversations with my grandmother. That's an invasion of my privacy! I should be able to confide in nanna that I smoke weed and take E. Why should I have to worry about the feds busting me for trying to get advice about growing up in these terrible times?

What is the cost of monitoring our citizens compared to the value of the additional safety?

We in the US have been the Champions of the Underdogs for our entire existance. We fight for fair and humane treatment for all the peoples of the world. Now we are locking up people in GITMO Bay without rights to a lawyer. Why is this OK?

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Schools ought to do one thing to urge children in form, as a result of they are obtaining fat as hell, however the present stress they need on competitive sports (at the expense of academics) is ridiculous and may haven't any bearing any on a child's ability to graduate.

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Daltown University said:

Debating topics or debates should be conducted in schools, colleges and universities as they help students to develop their research skills.

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Healthy debates can give birth to great ideas. Most of the topics suggested are well suited for a meaningful debate.

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