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Drawing Contests For High School Students

Kristen Said:

Question about colleges and international students?

We Answered:

Your more recent grades are more important, especially junior and senior year. If you are improving that is seen as a positive thing by an admissions officer. You'll need several items for college since you are international. You'll need a recent exam result for oral and written English (TOEFL), proof of finances showing that you can afford to be here, and an educational visa so you can live in the US.

Financial aid is simple. International students don't qualify for any US financial need-based aid. Your country may provide aid if you are in a high demand field like engineering or science. You may qualify for a scholarship from the school itself if you have high enough grades.

You can count winning a contest as a plus. It doesn't hurt to mention activities you do in your spare time.

Jordan Said:

should i go back to public school next year?

We Answered:

Go back to public school. This school doesn't sound too "happy".
you want to be somewhere you're comfortable with.
Compare the schools and talk about it with your parents.
I say Public school is loads better.

Angela Said:

mission impossible: getting in to that dream school( make this worth the 5 pts. i lost!)?

We Answered:

I am the Queen of organization. In my second year at a top University, I was the House President of my residence building, on the Undergraduate Society, Chair of the Math and Statistics Student Council, volunteered at the Soup Kitchen, Hospital and homeless shelter, Swing dancing (winning 3rd place at the Swing Championships), ballet class, President of the Red Cross Club, Chair on the AMS Activities Commission, debating 30 hrs/week, singing in an Opera, Math Club etc. On top, I did a variety of other smaller commitments. Of course, I had school and friends… That year, I received the National Millenuim Scholarship and came in first in one of my classes…

**** happened, sometimes little sleep… meetings till 1am… twisted my ankle and on crutches for 2 weeks. Fractured my wrist when I feel off a treadmill…

You have to make sacrifices. That is life. You just have to be smart about it. I fully believe that if I dedicated my time to only my studies, I would have done better. However, even if you plan to study all the time, you won’t. I find being busy forces me to be the best I can be. No matter how hard it seems… suck it up and don’t give up.

You have to make planning part of your life style. Get a planner. I can’t live without it. I could not remember where all my meetings were if I didn’t have it with me all the time.

I also multitask. During Lectures, I do other HW, I design posters, I make Agendas for meetings… I capitalize on all time. The time you wait for the bus, or when you change classes, or before class starts… all time to be doing something. I work fast. I try to be the first one out of the lecture hall, then I go and put up a couple posters before running into my next class just in time.

During these snipits of time, I take out my planner and I plan my day. I slot in my priorities. Things that are set like meetings and classes I write in. Then I make a list of everything I want to do today. I realistically plan. I leave some flex time. I plan walking time. I fit lots onto a small amount of time and stick to the schedule.

I prioritize and I honour my commitments. If I tell people things are going to be done… it will be done. If a meeting goes late (and I’m not leading it), I will just leave. When I set a time for something, it must be done in that time. If I don’t finish an assignment… then I will find some time to do it later (wake up earlier, or sleep later).

I definitely prioritize school last (I always make it to class… but I plan assignments and studying last). I know that I will find time to do the assignments and studying due to my personality. I do assignments and study for tests that are the furthest away first. Things that are close to the due date, I find I will do them no matter what. I start assignments early. I start them the minute they are assigned. I do what I can and leave it. If I don’t have time, at least I’ve done some of it. If I have time I can come back. If I don’t know how to do it, I can capitalize on time with the teacher or asking other classmates.

I schedule in time for friends and family. I put it into the schedule. And I plan around it.

You don’t have many things to juggle. Just make a “to do” list every day, slot in set items and schedule things around it.

Think ahead. If you plan early, you can prepare for it. If I plan to use my break to put up a couple posters, I will pack the posters and the roll of tape in my bag. If I plan go grocery shopping on my lunch break, I will pack the flyer and my shopping list.

I visualize what I plan to do. If I plan to go shopping, I imagine it before hand where each of my needed items will be. I plan my route around the grocery store. I do the same on campus.

I hope these tips are going to help you. You need to plan according to your personality. Plan the things you are least likely to have time for first. If you hate… math… make yourself do the math assignment first… you will somehow find time for your other assignments.

Good luck.

Luis Said:

Realistic drawing scholarships?

We Answered:

Don't know off the top of my head, but is the best place I've found to look for scholarships. You'll probably have to register, but it's free, and then you can search and if you set up a profile with drawing as your interest, it'll automatically update you on new drawing scholarships.

Freddie Said:

What scholarships am I eligible for?

We Answered:

everyone is eligible for FASFA and you can go to you can get sorted and apply to a whole bunch of scholarships you are eligible for.

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