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Drop Out Rate Of High School Students

Charlotte Said:

Would the rate of high school drop outs decrease if the schools stressed the future of the uneducated?

We Answered:

The drop out rate has more to do with the belief that ALL teens want to become lawyers and doctors. We are loosing skilled tradesmen and will soon have to import workers to build homes, fix cars and do our plumbing. Stop trying to force every child to go to college and start training them EARLY for skilled trades. That will keep kids interested and in school.

Marshall Said:

If the Dream Act would reduce the drop-out rate of students, how is that bad?

We Answered:

It's only bad to people that hate the thought that their kids won't look as smart compared to these students. Some people see well educated Mexicans as a threat for some dumb reason.

Mabel Said:

Do you think if high school students drop out of school will the crime rate increase.?

We Answered:

Just look at the prison population.... A large percentage of these people are high school drop outs....Very much higher than the general population. Is this a coincidence?

Amy Said:

Why is the college drop out rate so high?

We Answered:

Overall, it's about 50% of students who enter college and haven't earned a degree 8 years later. It's that high because too many students are going to college and aren't prepared for the coursework. It's usually not a question of money, it's a question of preparation and ability. Less than 25% of the population is capable of earning a useful college degree. We're sending too many kids to college.

Chester Said:

Does "No Child Left Behind" encourage or discourage students to drop out of school?

We Answered:

I think it enourages kids to drop out of school, becuase when they get to higher education, they won't have a clue what's going on will eventually drop out when they are expected to raise the bar.

Stephen Said:

i want to find out about the drop out rates of high school students in the saint louis areas?

We Answered:

58 percent

Elsie Said:

Why does Spain have the highest drop-out rate of all Europe?

We Answered:

It's a known fact that Spaniards are stupid.

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