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Economics For High School Students

Erik Said:

Economics High School Project?

We Answered:

I teach a principles of microeconomics class at a state university. For extra credit, I have my students write short papers on some of the following topics:

1) Write a short essay that provides an explanation to why the price of Coca-Cola did not increase above a nickel for 70 years. Explain why in 1953 the current CEO/ President of Coca-Cola Inc. requested that United States President Eisenhower issue a 7.5-cent coin.


2) You can discuss an economist point of view on drug prohibition (kind of a sketchy topic for high school, so talk your teacher first)

source:… (Youtube education video).

If you do choose to do this, it would be relevant and helpful to consider "The theory of second best"


3) You can could compile a list of economic experiments tested on economics students that suggest that economics majors are "greedier" than other majors.


use this papers sources to find more experiments.

Javier Said:

An easy to comprehend Economics curriculum for home schooled high schooler??

We Answered:

This doesn't quite answer your question (it isn't a curriculum), but I recommend the book 'Basic Economics', by Thomas Sowell. It was something both my brother and I read in either high school or junior high and we both agree that it made the Econ courses that we took in college much more accessible.

Also 'Eat the Rich' by satirist P.J. O'Rourke, while not at all serious, had the best, most clear, explanation of Ricardo's Law of Comparative Advantage that I have ever read. In fact, because of that book, I was able to understand the concept...I was the only one in my study group in college that was able to.

Janice Said:

What kind of Math used in undergraduate major: Economics or Finance? I am high school student.?

We Answered:

If you go to college with AP Calculus AB and BC plus AP statistics, you will have sufficient math to cover an undergraduate major in economics and finance. By the way, this is also sufficient for an MBA.

Some economics departments have quantitative prerequisites, some do not. A few will require quantitative applications, most will not other than simplistic applications. You should research the requirements of your selected colleges carefully.

Good luck!

Lee Said:

What do UK high school students need to do/prepare to go to an Ivy League university in USA?

We Answered:

long as you got your GSCEs you should be ok, the standard over there isn't as high as here


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