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Economics Projects For High School Students

Emma Said:

Does a fast food manager need a degree?

We Answered:

there is a food mgt. degree but it's mostly for health inspectors. My father own's a fast food franchise and only 2 mgrs out of the whole chain have 2yr degree, of course they get paid more, but it is not mandatory...

Joe Said:

I've completed my bachelors in Engineering. Want to change to Economics?

We Answered:

It is totally possible to go right into a master's or PhD in economics with an undergrad in engineering. Econ grad programs look for strong math backgrounds in applicants, and while you may not have the economic intuition locked down yet, you will be ahead of many students since engineering requires a fair bit of high level mathematics. You can pick up the intuition by reading a few undergrad books, but being able to understand the math is the most important part. Keep in mind that everything I said is dependent on a high GPA, good test scores, and strong letters of recommendation, since without those getting in to an econ grad program is difficult, no matter what your background. As far as a list of schools, pretty much any school would take you as long as you meet their minimum math requirements, test scores, GPA, etc. Good luck!

Leroy Said:

Hey TEENS, I could really use your help with my teen novel?

We Answered:

Okay, Penelope could maybe compete with Cranbert in some way? Then maybe she cheats and Cranbert finds out so she tries to help him win Megan, and during the proccess the keep bumping heads because both of them are so smart? ~Jess

Beatrice Said:

Why do I feel this way?

We Answered:

Sorry could not give you a decent answer. for a start go to your doctor to get an examination. Feeling tired is not a common thing, it may have some medical thing with it. get it sorted then we can start thinking about the mental issues.

Daniel Said:

College help needed: what school can I get into?

We Answered:

for the US. the schools you have mentioned are very difficult to get into. Their acceptance rate is 10% and their international student population can be under 9%. You really have a very slim chance of getting in. and are you considering tuition and room and board fees? Plan on $45,000 per year. there is very little financial help for international students
go to any school's web site, go to admissions/undergrad/international student for requirements, how to apply and financial info. You can email the admissions office with any questions.

In the US, you are going to have to earn your Bachelor degree (4 yrs) and then apply to Medical schools in order to become a psychiatrist. so plan on at least 10 years total.

Brandon Said:

hello i am a high school student and i need info on intel for my economics project?

We Answered:

I'll answer as much as I can off the top of my head, but I am sure you can find teh rest on

1. Intel is a processing manufacturing company. It is currently in the lead for processors. It is used in both Apple comptuers, and most Windows comptuers.
2. It makes excellent products, and is one of the largest suppliers.
3. The company is doing extremely well, as it has recently signed many deals with their newest chip, the CoreDuo
4.It is in a late phase of development, as in it is not a new company, but it is far from done.
5-7 i do not know.

Stephen Said:

Why does society still think that a 4 year college education is a good deal? I see students clamoring for?

We Answered:

Whilst I agree with some of what you say I don't agree with some of your assumptions.

There are a lot of people already changing the way they live (Browse Permaculture and Transition Towns) they are planning for energy decent. The oil crisis is a crisis of consumption. As oil prices increase, as tar sands become more difficult to process, the price of oil will increase, but so will the incentive for people to work and live in different ways. It will not happen overnight, but if it does then there is still a lot of hope (browse How Cuba Survived Peak Oil) as Cuba showed us in the Special Period.

We will not lose the technology nor skills we already have, products will be redesigned and advances will be made quickly so that less materials and energy are used. Skills are transferable and the problems will be world wide so the world markets will be very competitive in finding solutions.

We won't be going back to the Stone Age, we will be going forward, with a new way of thinking, a recognition of how foolish we have been in the past and a much greater need for a well educated population. When there are shortages, the price mechanism ensures that people train to fit those gaps and take advantages of higher wages. The rise in green jobs and technologies is rapid. The gap between the richest and poorest societies is shocking. I agree that there will be some adjustments, lets hope our shift in thinking helps to close that rich/poor gap in the process.

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It will not happen overnight, but if it does then there is still a lot of hope (browse How Cuba Survived Peak Oil) as Cuba showed us in the Special Period