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Education After High School

George Said:

Should girls be allowed to pursue education after high school, or should they be forbidden?

We Answered:

poor baby,

are the girls in your class beating you in all the discussions and tests?

There is a way to prove your male dominance!

1. study more. morning noon and night
2. ask others to question you about what you know.
3. compete with some of the dumber girls and work your way up to the smarter ones.

When I was a teacher, I found out that my male students were good in memorization but my female students beat them at logical reasoning.

It would be good for your ego for me to mention that I honestly believe that my best student was a male. He was an exception. Great in mathematics, spatial relationships, logic and can memorize like nobody's business.

Did I ever tell you that males are specialized females?

Just try harder because feemales do that by nature. |They have no choice in this world's set up which favors the male.

Rebecca Said:

What is the best option for a single mother trying to continue education after high school?

We Answered:

I don't know anything about schools in that particular area. I'm not sure what you may be interested in but you may want to consider a career to become a dental hygienist or even nursing. As a dental hygienist you wouldn't be in school for too long and you could make a decent living. Nursing on the other hand could be 4 years (bachelors degree). Either way, both careers would be beneficial.

Since you have a child, I would also check to see if any of the schools provide on campus childcare or have any suggestions on places for childcare. I don't know how much your parents would be willing to help but if they could help out by watching your kid some while you go to school or when you need to study would be also be great.

Personally, I would stay away from programs that are strictly done online. Stay away from places like ITT Tech, Strayer University, and others that are similar. They are rip-offs. You can find out more about this by doing your research.

Bonnie Said:

What are some jobs that make over 90k with up to 5 years of education after high school?

We Answered:

Accountant, Bank Manager or CEO of a company.

Beverly Said:

What is the reason we make it difficult to recieve an education after high school ?

We Answered:

College is the next step in life.
generally, high schools are too easy and dont prepare u for college.

People think college is fun and drop out after they hate it, Some people enjoy college and do well in it.
After you get your degree, your on your own. (job and stuff)

Im assuming your from America. In places like India and China, parents pressure their kids so much. Their lives depend on exams, and I heard of so many suicides in India from students. In a movie, it said that more students die from suicide than disease in india scary!

yes, education after high school is hard...but life is hard too.

Hector Said:

Benefits of education after high school?

We Answered:

It opens up a world of choices rather than just requirements. Higher education is also, in our society, a means of moving on to a career than requires it. The great benefit, however, is the opportunity to meet motivated and interesting people from a variety of backgrounds.

Andrew Said:

do continuing education after high school make a difference in a student's life? what is the difference?

We Answered:

The more you know the better off you are. Also, employers are impressed by people who try to improve themselves. Worked for me!

Samantha Said:

Do you need any degrees or education after high school to start your own small business?

We Answered:

It's not necessary, but you will need a business plan and that will include listing your credentials to seek out investors and/or to receive a small business loan. Having only a HS education with little to no work experience will make the process significantly harder as investors see you as being much too risky.

On the other hand, if you're already wealthy and wont need external financing, or have significant collateral available, then it absolutely wouldn't matter. But you would still need people you trust who know what they're doing.

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