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Employment For High School Students

Felix Said:

Where should i apply for employment, with only a high school diploma, and expenses of a college student?

We Answered:

My son is doing well at Home Depot. They hire a lot of part time workers and provide training. It will look good on your resume. Lowes also has this type of program. You will have to have a drug test. They pay a little better than a fast food joint.

You will make more money working in a steak house that serves liquor. Beware of the party scene that usually developes among the staff at these places.

Marshall Said:

Why should all public high schools be transformed into privately funded ones?

We Answered:

They already do this through taxes for public education.

Philip Said:

Are Year 12 High School Students With Casual Employment Eligable For The $950 Government Payout?

We Answered:

Yes i believe you will get that payment. As long as you earnt under $80,000.

Claude Said:

How typical is it for Japanese high school students to maintain a part-time job? If this is not typical, why?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Ellen Said:

Do high school students understand the skills they need for finding employment?

We Answered:

if they're relying solely on our country's public educational system to give them the information and skills needed to start a career, then no...there's so much you have to find out through your own experiences and through talking to other people involved in the career field you're trying to get into

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