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Engineering Programs For High School Students

Gabriel Said:

What kinds of programs should I do in the summer as a high school student to get into a top college?

We Answered:

The summer after your junior year, you should look at MIT's Research Science Institute or Telluride Association's TASP. Both are free if you can get in. The first is more science-oriented.

The TIP program at Duke University and CTY at Johns Hopkins are great programs you could do now. Both are expensive.

Many universities have "summer colleges" where you take college classes with college students. They tend also to be expensive, but could be closer to home.

Edna Said:

Summer programs for high school students...?

We Answered:

You can read discussions about summer programs here… Do a search of "biomedical engineering."

Larry Said:

Are there any financial engineering programs availabe for high schools students?

We Answered:

To the best of my knowledge, belief and faith , there are NO
financial engineering programs available for high schools students !!

Paul Said:

Which UC's have the best Civil Engineering and/or Environmental Engineering programs?

We Answered:

Just be ready for Statics and the many sacrifices you're about to make.

Plus side is once you know the basic stuff for engineering, it's going to be easy to build upon your knowledge. Remember that engineers get paid so much because of the society we live in today which is ever so growing in the technology field.

Theodore Said:

I am a high school student going into Electronics Engineering Technology - Telecommunications with questions?

We Answered:

Dude !

Engineering and Engineering Technology has got difference.

Engineering - More Theory,More years in Collage, More Job options, More Designing & stuff like that- in short - More Intelligence required and More Hard Work - OFCOURSE

Engineering Technology - More Practically Inclined, More of hands on Practice, More Field Knowldge but....
Less Theoritical Knowledge(compared to Engineering),Less Designing (which u wanna do) Less years in Collage etc.

And moreover you can choose Electrical & Computer Engineering and take up course on Communication Electronics and Mechanical subjects (as it goes with your idea of making a electronic bug-Mechatronics to name one).

Best of Luck dude !

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