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English High School

Sara Said:

can i move to an English high school after being in a welsh one untill year 9?

We Answered:

No problem. Welsh and English schools have the same education system and the same qualifications framework.

Eugene Said:

How much does a high school english teacher in Tennessee usually make?

We Answered:

It all depends on what type of education you have. A Master's degree makes more than a Bachelor's degree, and a PhD makes more than a Master's. I would suggest Googling "high school english teacher's salaries in tn" you should be able to find something.
Good Luck!

Linda Said:

what book is this?! former english high school text in victoria in the 90s?

We Answered:

reminds me of ode to the west wind

Jon Said:

How much does a high school English teacher earn per year & what is the shortest route to become said teacher?

We Answered:

Depends on the district. Most will have a link to a salary schedule on their district web page somewhere.

Quickest route to being said teacher would be to get bachelor's degree with a teaching credential, then you could hopefully jump right into the school. HOWEVER, with the No Child Left Behind legislation, all teachers must be "highly qualified." This means that, if you don't have one, within your first three years of teaching you MUST obtain a Masters in Teaching/Education (of some kind), or a Masters in your subject area in order to be considered highly qualified.

What this means is that, while you can get into the schools faster by just getting your BA and a teaching credential, it is easier for you and the schools in the long run for you to get your BA, then try and find a Masters program so that you when you get your job, you're already highly qualified. Also, California is very hard up for teachers, so they are usually able to emergency certify teachers and give them time to get what they need. This does, of course, pay less. But still. Hope this helps!

Beth Said:

Montreal English High School to a University in Toronto?

We Answered:

I don't foresee a problem if she meets all of the requirements. Contact the schools to make sure./

Jessie Said:

What is the best college in NJ for becoming a english high school teacher?

We Answered:

Princeton University.

Larry Said:

What does it take to be a high school english teacher? What is the day in the life of a high school teacher?

We Answered:

As someone who just finished his first year as a 9th grade English teacher, I can only tell you what it will be like at first. It's a struggle to adapt to rooms of 30 teenagers, most of whom disdain even being in the room with you. Most of what you'll learn in a certification program gets thrown to the side of the road when you first start teaching, but as you get comfortable, all of those notes will end up helping you (just not much in your first year). You spend a lot of time planning lessons and activities the first year, and it will take a little while to get into the grading thing (my first batch of 130 essays took me about 2+ weeks, working 2-3 hours a night). Depending on the administration you work with, you could really enjoy your colleagues or hate the working environment. Really, there's a wide range of experiences.
That said, as you get into your first year, and as you start building relationships with students, it grows on you. By the end of the year, I actually missed some of my students - even the ones that were a thorn in my side all year. You also learn to be more efficient at planning and grading, and you start to make some friends on the staff.
Generally speaking, a typical day involves getting materials ready and helping out a student or two in the morning, teaching your classes (and usually you get a planning period), and then after school people go a lot of different ways - some stay for a couple hours and get work done, some go straight home, some go coach sports, some do after school clubs.
Long story longer, being a HS English teacher is pretty much what you make it. If you are really there because you care about kids/young adults, and you are willing to learn in front of them, it's a pretty good experience. Hopefully it gets better after the first year, but I can't say that for sure - it's just what I've been told. Best of luck to you!

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