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English Projects For High School Students

Brandon Said:

A question for high school students...what do you like about your English class?

We Answered:

I love english so I'm biased.... good books that are contemporary and releveant are good. The best books I ever read in english were One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, The Sun also Rises, and The Great Gatsby. Open ended writing assiments are always fun... research papers always suck but they are ok when you let the student choose the topic. Movies are always fun to watch, especially for Shakespeare. I like any teacher who is patient, reasonable on homework and knows what they are talking about. Daily journal topics are also fun because it helps improve writing skills and are easy

Philip Said:

Best project for high school students?

We Answered:

Well in my literature class my senior year we read Gulliver's Travel.

As a class assignment we were divided into groups and were assigned a section of the book. We had to create a scene for our section (REAL LIFE SIZE) and we had to make questions for our section as well.

Once all the groups completed the assignment (due date was assigned) We borrowed the gym for a class period and created a life size game board. We had Huge Dice, Gameboard Path and each group's Life Size creation was a part of the game board.

We turned in our question which become the game questions. We were graded on our team participation, knowledge, and creativity.

We were amazed at the work eveyone put into it. Needless to say that is about all I can recall from the class.

We also did one for Dante's Inferno!

Good Luck

OH yes forgot one more!! We read Jane Eyre and we each had to make a magazine for the book. Everything in the magazine had to pertain to the book ex. for horoscopes I used character names instead of signs and the horoscope was the characters fate in the book. Advertisement in the Magazines are fun, crossword puzzles, I did a gossip mag, go figure!

Michael Said:

Can you help me find a 100-Hour Intensive English Curriculum for Middle/High School Students?

We Answered:

modify those used for latino migrants in usa. get hard copy from a language school or grade school

Brandy Said:

How do you describe an average high school student?

We Answered:

Not too uptight about grades but still care about them. Don't wear Polo's everyday but still look good. Its hard to describe because some "average kids" are much different than others, and to generalize about a huge group of people isn't helpful really.

Deborah Said:

Teaching High School English?

We Answered:

congratulations.. Teaching profession is a noble profession. The society and all people in the walk of life will give respect. You are in the 3rd position besides Father and mother. The God is in the 4th. Now, understand your status. You are having the responsibility to create best students. ok.. now i answer. please go through .....High school English teacher means you are going to take classes upto 10th standard or grade. ok.. Be thourough in lessons.. the students in high school are somewhat matured than primary class students. They may raise questions and you should be prepared to answer. Initially, you introduce yourself to them and get introduction. Be kind with all. under any circumstances don't use any language hurting anyone. Take lesson step by step. you prepare a notes of lesson on each lessons. Don't forget to ask students ''are u understanding the lesson'', even you ask them to get clarifications or doubts. There may be rich ones and poor also. There may be some create loudly speaking or critising or some one may sleep. use polite words while giving instructions.
This is for the first 10 to 15 days. From the 16th day, you will get experience how to deal with the students. while taking grammer class, explain them clearly and do examples in the black board. if any student speaking loudly while taking class, ask him to come near to you and politely tell him his action affects you too, Don't forget to write notes of lesson and it is better to have a discussion with the principal or headmaster or head of english as the case may be. Neat dressing is essential. no super model dresses. Go ahead. success is in ur hands.

Linda Said:

Project ideas for high school students?

We Answered:

Have them write their own version of middle eastern literature.
like, for example, a girl could write about how hard it is to live as a woman in the middle east.

maybe even have them make it look like a old-fashioned script book or something.

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Even I like English books and I love the novel named call of the wild. I just love it.

WebsBerry said:

I have a similar assignment to do previous year...what we had to do was pick and study our job and figure out how much profits we were going to get a month behind taxes were taken out.

correct english grammer said:

There are many English projects on different topics, It depends on what your teacher give you the English project.

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