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Essay Competitions For High School Students

Darrell Said:

Please read my essay!! How is it?

We Answered:

It's pretty good I think. However, you used the word "biggest" when talking about why your grades were low. Change that to primary or main--biggest sounds bad. Do you know the meaning of ubiquitous? You don't want the admissions person to think you used the Microsoft Word thesaurus to sound more intelligent. I'm not accusing you I'm just saying the reader may think that and that's not good. Also, say earlier instead of "faster" when talking about graduating earlier.
Otherwise I think it's really good. Good luck!

Megan Said:

Good topic for science essay?

We Answered:

1. Global warming - you should be able to find all kinds of info about this
2. 2011 Chevrolet Volt - this is a new electric car made by Chevy - you can get info at…
3. H1N1 virus -…
4. Antarctica iceberg -… AND…
5. Liquid on Saturn's moon Titan -…
6. Yucca Mountain and storage of radioactive waste -…

Discuss It! discounts said:

There are some high class students who are assured and self-assured, and consequently. Many have abilities and abilities that they've proved helpful hard to make, and they should be extremely pleased of their achievements.

Wisata Pulau Harapan said:

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Pulau Pari said:

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