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Essay Contest For High School Students

Jamie Said:

Can anyone offer me some advice in transferring to a top University? High school senior here?

We Answered:

If you want to transfer to a top school, you really need to focus on writing really good essays. See, what ends up happening is that a lot of kids that have really good grades want to transfer up, say from a Georgetown to a Columbia, and all of the kids have very good grades (3.7+) and very good high school scores. What ends up differentiating the good applicants from the very good applicants are the essays, especially the Why ...? essays. It's not so much about talking about why your current school makes you unhappy. It's really about why the school you want to transfer to would be a better fit and make you happier. Outside of writing really good essays, just do the usual...take hard classes, get good grades and be active on campus.

As to whether or not to retake the you receive more and more college credits/grades, your high school work (SAT scores, gpa, class rank) becomes less and less relevant to the point where if you applied as a junior, they're practically irrelevant and will only be looked at if there's something really odd in your transcript.

That being said, as you probably know, some of the schools on your list are crazy hard to transfer into, Brown, Columbia, Stanford, Yale. Meanwhile, Berkeley, Northwestern, UNC and UVA aren't that hard to transfer into. (*<well, depending on your major because Berkeley and UVA business are ivy-level hard to transfer into). If I were you, I might replace a school like Yale with maybe Penn or Cornell.

Velma Said:

help with this essay !?

We Answered:

Because he can, because it is good practice for you, because it fits part of the curriculum, because he would like one of you to win and show what a good school he has! Give the guy a break!

Nellie Said:

Where can I find scholarship opportunities...?

We Answered:

Lori Said:

I wrote an essay for a contest?

We Answered:

Exactly 250 words... with title. Without that it's 247. Its really good!

EDIT: Haha, I was first. I actually do like it, the writing is very good.

Joyce Said:

Anyone wanna help me with an essay?

We Answered:

I think you either have to do it all by yourself or pay someone to do it for you. But then it wouldn't be your work, which would be unethical.

I missed your the paragraph second from the last. So, just pay someone in your local area to do it for you.

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