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Example Of A High School Student Resume

Dean Said:

What can i put as an objective on a resume... here an example of my resume?

We Answered:

That is way too basic..

Don't bother with an objective, no one reads it. Bullet points are ideal for resumes and an objective is irrelevant.

Your resume needs some serious work though.

Skills, put in dot points

Experience, list company name then below that position and below to and from dates month/year.. Then dot point at least 4 responsibilities from the job.

Qualifications, list the year completed - what qualification is was, ie. certificate, diploma - if you got credit or distinction say with a credit grade - where you got it from i.e. ABC Learning school. List them in year order, newest to older and list those of the same year together.. ie.

2009 Diploma in Brain surgery - Brain surgeons society
Certificate in Dressmaking with Distinction - DressmakersRUs

2008 Doctorate of psychology with Honours - University of Bobtown.


2009 High School Diploma with 999 GPA at St School of Studies in Schoolsville WA.

You can skip education and put it in your qualifications. For the current enrolment, put it first under the Current then list the other years following that.

Referees should be on your resume, Name, Position, Phone number, Email if available.. It saves time. 2 or 3 referees.

Isaac Said:

what can i put as an objective on a resume... here an example of my resume?

We Answered:

Forget the "Objective" - You might could be helped by a Summary paragraph, but your real problem is that you have no real CONTENT. A resume is supposed to stir someone's interest in bringing you in for an interview. Nothing here stirs any interest whatever. Looks like you don't have enough experience to even warrant a regular resume. You might be better off just focusing on an Employment Letter. What you want to do with any sort of initial application is to answer the basic question of "Why should I hire THIS particular person." If at all possible, focus on the job requirements and tell how your background/skills/qualifications/experie… matches those requirements. At least describe something about your background experience that you are particularly proud of. The BEST format for communicating that experience is to describe a specific challenge you (or, better, your employer) faced; what you DID about it, and what the results were. You simple listing of things doesn't do anything to allow the reader to relate to what you're presenting. Yes, your resume should contain the keywords that the hiring people will "search" against, but they need to have something worth looking at, once it "hits" their search criteria.

Bobby Said:

Have you ever lied on a resume about having a job you never really had?

We Answered:

My firm does background checks, and surely you would be caught. You should never lie about:
-where you've worked
-dates you've worked
-job title
-graduation status

Other things, such as job responsibilities, should be reasonably accurate, but you can definitely polish them up to be as complimentary as possible.

You mention tutoring Spanish or Math -- why don't you do that so you're not lying? There are always volunteer opportunities out there. Who knows, it may help you get a job.

Good luck!

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