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Example Of High School Student Resume

Lillian Said:

Review my resume? Any input on it?

We Answered:

This is the letter I would write if I were applying to *** private school:

I would like to become a student at *** because I feel it would be an education I would receive and benefit from academically, socially, and physically. I know that it would benefit me academically and it would help me to develop my learning and study skills for college and for the future. I have never had any unusual difficulties in my studies in my early schooling. I strongly believe learning at *** would challenging and I would work hard to master the knowledge and concepts of education at this school. I understand the advanced education that *** has to offer me. I will welcome the challenges presented in the curricula. I really feel that I have been prepared for *** for all of my educational history

I also admit to having had to struggle with mathematics in my later education. However, I have not shied away from asking for help from my teachers and I have always been willing to learn more. I want to understand the ***curricula. Achieving good grades has always been an important and essential part of my learning strategy. I always try my hardest to maintain high grades and I strive for that goal in all of my classes.

In addition to the importance of academics in my education, I would also enjoy certain elective courses and extracurricular activities. For example, I am currently part of a competitive dance troupe. I have been interested in music, art and the theatre since I was eight years old. I wish to contribute to these clubs and I hope to make positive contributions to *** in those fields. I consider myself an active student with a very pleasant and engaging personality. I always carry high hopes to make everyone around me feel the same way.

In sum,if I am accepted as a student at ***, I hope to accept all that it has to offer me and to give back all that I am able to offer this school in return.


********* (Your full name) Good luck.

Mary Said:

Does my resume need proof ?

We Answered:

They will not ask for proof for something like that. Don't worry. That being said, you should always be truthful about your accomplishments.

Best of luck to you.

James Said:

Acting information for teenagers?

We Answered:

I read thoroughly through this and I have to say that you are one of the teenagers out there, whom actually knows what is going on in acting! Bravo! I wish you the best of luck in all of your future work! If you want add me to your network!

Frank Said:

Does anyone have resume examples I could look at?

We Answered:

I went to the local library and found several books on writing resume's.

I would suggest you do the same.

Morris Said:

What improvements can i make on my résumé ? What should i take out and add?

We Answered:

Umm, are you applying to be a Kung fu teacher, performer, etc, etc? If not, then you need to seriously cut back on the whole Kung Fu part of your resume.

I know that your Kung fu training is a big part of "WHO YOU ARE", and that is great for you, but in the eyes of an HR person who is converting your resume into searchable keywords, it won't be helpful at all. Don't excise it all, it can show your prospective employer that you are disciplined, committed, etc. But if you are applying for a job in technical repair, you really need to highlight that skill set that you have.

I suggest tweaking your resume for every job that you apply to. Look carefully at the job description. Use the same words they list there to describe your skills (but only when it's true, please don't lie.) With so much HR automated, some person or computer will scan your documents, looking solely for the keywords they need.

Good luck with the job hunt-- Don't get discouraged. It will take 10 or more rejections until you land your dream job.

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They will not ask for proof for something like that. Don't worry. That being said, you should always be truthful about your accomplishments.