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Exchange High School Student

Donna Said:

What should I prepare if I want to go to Korea as an exchange high school student.? HELP?

We Answered:

Well..I'm planning to go to Japan for exchange student program in 3 years..
To learn Korean, it takes time. I am teaching my self Japanese, won't take too long if you're keen on it. Depends how much money you will need.
Have you found a Student exchange program that you liked yet? You will need to apply for it. The exchange programs will look at your grades. You will need fairly high or well above grades. The exchange program will tell you how much money you will need also.

Vicki Said:

Is it good idea to become a high school exchange student in Mississippi, USA?

We Answered:

I'm from Mississippi and it is a great state. We have wonderful hospitality and the sweetest people you will ever encounter. The weather here is great (yet quite different than Germany) and we are rich in our American culture. I attend a high school in south Mississippi and has been rated as among the best in the United States. Here in Mississippi, most of us are friendly, so you will not feel lonely. You will be welcomed and greeted warmly. Hope you choose to study abroad here, it's a great choice!
(By the way, do not believe the first post. At my high school, 3 in 4 students are white-caucasion.)

Antonio Said:

exchange high school student to america?

We Answered:

I am a 5-time host mom and new volunteer with Youth For Understanding (YFU) in Wyoming. My biggest piece of advice is to check out the Council for Standards on International Exchange Travel (CSIET) list. This will have a list of the most reputable programs. When my husband and I starting hosting with YFU, we called agencies on the list and YFU was the one that was the most responsive to our needs. I have also talked with many exchange students who have said that YFU gave them "more bang for their buck". YFU is a volunteer-based program, with approximately 1400 volunteers in the USA. Each year they bring approximately 2000 students to the US. YFU is a non-profit organization and 95% of the fees collected go directly to program costs (only 5% for overhead). There are also scholarships available, but I am not familiar with the YFU UK system. Each exchange student is placed with a caring host family that has been screened. The families are not paid - they do this for the best reason of all = because they love it.
I know there are other reputable programs out there. I thank you for any consideration you may give to YFU.
Good luck no matter what you choose!

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