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Exchange Student Programs For High School Students

Anthony Said:

what is the best high school foreign exchange student program?

We Answered:

Okay so it is difficult to explain it all but here are some links of organizations that definitely will help you out with the cost...The cost that I have see to study in Australia is at least $10, an additional $900 for the tuition..but prizes may vary...there are scholarship that are being offered.

Francisco Said:

Are there student loans available for exchange student programs?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

April Said:

I am doing the foreign exchange student program next year. I'll be a sophomore in high school.?

We Answered:

Galway is rather nice. But anywhere in the Republic is pretty rural, and there is certainly nothing even remotely like LA, SFO or NYC! In fact, in the Republic of Ireland, there are very few places which are NOT "a more country type place". The danger is that it might be SO country that there will be very little to do!

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icariin said:

This is helpful as I'm going to Aussie very very soon.