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Fashion Classes For High School Students

Ruben Said:

What Fashion Design institutes in California let high school students?

We Answered:

It's about your creds, not whether or not you're still in high school.

Bessie Said:

Where can I get classes for fashion designing?

We Answered:

well theres this one college that im going to and its called the Art instuite its in almost every state here IM going to the one in Seattle try looking at the website

Maurice Said:

online fashion designer high school?

We Answered:

Well there are alot of Fashion Schools, these are the best I found.…

I'am going to go to the Art Institute next year, and I think its one of the best.…

Billy Said:

Could you please tell me only the advantages of having extra curricular activities inside school after classes

We Answered:

You could make new friends, learn new stuff, and maybe discover new talents... Yes. I did sound like your parents. Just take something you like and enjoy it. Some of those you named sound pretty cool.

Anthony Said:

What are some unique yet exciting themes for a fashion show?

We Answered:

Maybe a historical one, like Victorian, Medieval, Renaissance, Greek, Romans, Normans etc!
You could have a time travel theme, too! ^^

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