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Fashion Scholarships For High School Students

Elizabeth Said:

i didn't follow my dreams is it too late?

We Answered:

I think that you should pursue your dream after you pass the bar exam./

Billie Said:


We Answered:

Actually with your goals it would be a good idea to go to a well known Fashion Institute in a major city like New York. Also, you noted that you want to have "my stores" with your design---sounds like you need both design and merchandising classes along with some small business classes (microeconomics). So, basically you are wanting to be an Entrepreneur of clothing.

Oscar Said:

Can I get a scholarship for FIT?

We Answered:

There are lots of scholarships available all over the place. Some are based on academic achievement and some are based on need.

I cannot get any kind of scholarship because I have no academic achievement and no need. You might have better luck.

I am an idiot and people call me a moron, and that might have something to do with it too.

Bessie Said:

What are some good art schools in Madrid?

We Answered:…………

Rosemary Said:

proofread for run-ons, comma splices, and fragments. Highlight corrections?

We Answered:

In 1970, duct tap helped save the lives of three astronauts aboard the damaged Apollo 13 spacecraft. This strong, fabric-based TAPE IS NO LONGER RELEGATED SOLELY TO REPAIR.

Now rolls of duct tape, creativity and UNIQUELY INDIVIDUAL HUMOR can bloom into a college scholarship. After the managers of (NAME OF DUCT TAPE COMPANY) learned that some high school students were sculpting colored rolls of duct tape into dresses and tuxedos for the their senior proms, THEY sponsored the first national "Stuck at Prom" contest. The couple who designed the most imaginative and stylish DUCT TAPE formal wear received a $5,000 COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP.

The contest SOON CAUGHT ON AND MORPHED into a national OBSESSION to design DUCT TAPE CLOTHING, INJECTING UNAVOIDABLE LAUGHTER INTO THE OTHERWISE STODGY FIELD. By 2005, 260 couples competed in 44 states. AMONG THE WINNING OUTFITS WAS AN ORANGE, harlequin-patterned dress inspired by Pablo Picasso's famous oil painting, "Girl Before a Mirror." The matching black tuxedo was stylishly accented with a VEST in the same pattern and orange stripes ALONG the pant leg. These dazzling get-ups required 25 rolls of duct tape and 4 weeks OF work to complete. Although the clothes were extremely heavy, the COLLEGE-BOUND couples WERE PLEASED that everyone SEEMED TO enjoy their fashion statementS. In addition, the TAPE'S INSULATING qualities made them the hottest couple on the dance floor.

Samantha Said:

How much control should parents have over what career their child decides to go into?

We Answered:

It's your life. Your parents should be encouraging you to explore your interests and the possible ways you can use them in a career. It sounds like you've been doing that on your own and have considered the pros and cons and have a very rational perspective. I would say you should take the fashion design courses and apply to the fashion school. Try for the scholarships. But be realistic too. You may not get the scholarship, even though you think you have a high chance - there will be a lot of competition. Be prepared to find another way to finance your education or to reach your goal through an alternate route, such as a community college. It wouldn't hurt to take as many college prep courses as you can fit in - that way you keep your options open AND increase your scholarship potential. You're still young. It's possible that you may know exactly what you want and you may end up doing it - but a lot of kids your age change their minds quite a few times before they graduate from college. Give yourself a back-up plan.

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