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Field Trips For High School Students

Jerome Said:

Is it necessary for high school students to wear a hard hat when they go to a geothermal plant?

We Answered:

Yes. Any/all such Plants require stringent adherence to respective safety rules. Moreover, whoever is organizing the trip would be made aware of what visitors will be required to wear / put on / when touring the plant!

To avoid tragedies such items as content lenses should never be worn!


Some year back a young woman ignored this rule and was completely blinded. I.e, she went into an area where welding works and like activities was being progressed.

Prior told if anyone was wearing contact lenses to first remove them!
Which she blatantly ignored!

As a result, her contact lenses melted and became glued to her eyes.

By the time she was in hospital - and after hours of surgery - nothing could be done for her! She being blinded for life.

A very silly, stupid vain young woman. Who ignored all prior verbal warnings and the posters all predominately displayed in all the pre assembly areas. All being prior filmed, recorded before entering the operating complex / facilities. (All being standard drill)

Needless to say her latent attempt to recover damages failed in total.

Yes. All such plants are worth a visit. However, the rules, regulations and operating procedures i.e. what to do & what not to do, are all in place for reasons!

"Good Luck" - abide by the rules - & you'll have a great day

Bradley Said:

Where can I take my students on a field trip to business related?

We Answered:

What subject do you teach? If it's something like a vocational office education class, check with one of the large employers in the city that you want to visit, like a power company or a bank; see if they will let your class come in for a short time and 'shadow' some of their employees.

Lillian Said:

What are some good reasons to have a field trip?

We Answered:

Well first you have to look at why they aren't. If its a money issue then your school can have parents pay for it, or have fundraisers to raise money for them. If its a safety issue, you may be able to help create a "contract" for parents, teachers and students to sign before they go. If they don't have enough parental support for supervision then you could talk to your parents and friends parents to help out.

I am sure your school sees the educational benefits of field trips, but if not here are some sites that may help:……

Bessie Said:

Field trips???

We Answered:

Try these:…
They're all for (MA)

Marcia Said:

I need fundraising ideas for high school students?

We Answered:

First, have a car wash or something similar. Use the money you make at the car wash to buy prizes for a raffle. Many businesses will give you a discount on merchandise if you tell them what your club is about. Good prizes will bring in more money; things like iPods, iTunes cards, digital cameras, and gift cards. Price you raffle tickets carefully. Under priced tickets will mean less profit, over priced tickets mean less sales. Check here for other fundraising ideas:…

Good Luck!

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