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Film Contests For High School Students

Vincent Said:

I want to be a film maker, but I'm worried.....?

We Answered:

Well it's not like you're completely clueless about the possibility of not finding a job.

And I don't mean to hurt your feelings but, people might have just told you that you're talented because they want to be nice.

But if this is your dream, I say go for it.

Mark Said:

High School Film Contests?

We Answered:

They have these every year for everyone. If you google "Student Directors Competitions" you will get some options. I found one and here's a link at the bottom for you to check it out.

Cassandra Said:

Do you think I could get into Florida State University?

We Answered:

Considering your goals and your experience, FSU would be STUPID not to accept you.

Your GPA is fine: Not exactly brilliant, but it probably doesn't reflect your abilities in film, which seems excellent. Obviously,with your film background, you are probably light years ahead of most people, which they like. And, you are well rounded, something they look for, especially considering your astronomy club membership and your abilities with Chess. Gifted Program probably doesn't mean that much, at least I didn't get that impression. Sure, it works in your favor; however, probably isn't a deciding factor.

As for your SAT... yeah, you are going to have to raise the math score. When they look at your other scores, they'll realize that your brain is wired differently, and that you aren't stupid. Obviously math isn't your thing. If you can afford it, I would get a tutor: I would aim for getting someone from a small private tutoring company, which is more expensive but they tend to work better than those from a huge agency. Truthfully, I got your scores (700 writing, 630 on reading (still bitter about that - it should be higher!) and 770 on math); but, the math score and the writing are from two different tests. So, obviously, don't worry too much about your other scores, and I'm sure that you can do well enough to scrape 10 points.

Even if math isn't your thing, you should still scrape by if you get the minimum requirement. Everything else is just great and fantastic, and what colleges and universities are looking for.

Take comfort that, when you get into college, they will most likely only require you to take a minimum of one math class. After that you are finished! Also, just some advice, sometimes what counts towards the math requirement is questionable. There is a class where I am called Symbolic Logic, which isn't math, but counts towards it. Also, it can be any math class, so maybe you should knock it out in college with the lowest level you can take, and then be done with it forever.

Sharon Said:

Copyrighting an animation?

We Answered:

As soon as you make that animation, it is your "intellectual property" meaning you own it, and no one else can reproduce it or use it in any way without your permission. It is not necessary, although it doesn't hurt to add the copyright notice to everything.

The only reason you would need to register the copyright and pay the fee is if someone used the animation without your consent and made money off of it or used it commercially, and you were seeking statutory damages from them in federal court. Registering the copyright establishes proof of ownership.

If you decide to register the copyright, the $35 fee should cover everything assuming it is all in one submission.

Edward Said:

Do you think I could apply to any of these colleges for film with my grades?

We Answered:

It obviously sounds like your planning on majoring for something related to fine arts/filming, so you do seem to have a great chance at getting into these colleges. Art schools are very lenient when it comes to gpa's and SAT scores, but obviously they matter to some extent. What matters the most when it comes to applying to these kinds of schools is your portfolio, and from what you wrote you seem to have quite an impressive portfolio. For example, my friend barely made it out of high school due to his lack of work ethic, but when he applied for Pasadena Art Center and showed them his portfolio they were blown away and accepted him. So I believe your chances are pretty solid.

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