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Financial Literacy For High School Students

Sergio Said:

can someone please answer this?

We Answered:

Have you tried putting C?

Dave Said:

Could you please rate my CV on scale 1-10 with 1=Very poor and 10=Excellent?

We Answered:

My first impression is that it is far too long and as an employer, I'd lost interest half way through

List your educational qualifications, your work experience and then a short paragraph about your
hobbies and interests
Knowledge of languages need only be one simple sentence with far less detail

INTERESTS- just state them, don't try and tell a prospective employer what you gain from them, they are not stupid

ACHIEVEMENTS - unnecessary, as your qualifications should over-ride them

POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY -unnecessary as your job remit describes what you do

Remember every CV should be tailored to the job you are applying for
So if a multi lingual was desired, then you can stress your knowledge of other languages, if its not required then its pointless mentioning it

Alberto Said:

Do I have a shot at these Universities?

We Answered:

You've got good grades and extracirriculars, so you'd certainly be competitive at most of the schools you've listed, whether or not you get in is more of a crapshoot. If you really can demonstrate financial need it's not too difficult to get an SAT fee waiver. You should talk to a counselor at school or contact the company itself.

Judy Said:

Could you please rate my CV on scale 1-10 with 1=Very poor and 10=Excellent?

We Answered:

It's impressive with a good structure. However it is very long and if you imagine the employer going through perhaps hundreds of CV's, then he would prefer a more direct and brief CV. Try to shorten it and I suggest you remove the bit in your interests saying that you go out with friends (I don't think it's very beneficial to the coompany) and state which sport you're doing at the sport club.
I'd give it a 7/10 at the moment but perhaps 8 or 9/10 if you edit it a little bit.

Gregory Said:

Should this be two paragraphs or one?

We Answered:

2, because you have one topic but two details

Lance Said:

This is one of my final paragraphs for an important research paper- how may I improve it?

We Answered:

This is really an excellent paragraph. See if my adjustments help.

As high schools prepare our youth for adulthood and membership into society, it seems only natural that they should play a major role in equipping them with invaluable financial planning and understanding skills. For several years public high schools have required the passing of an Economics course for graduation. However, this course is designed to teach a basic understanding of the national economy and inflation as well as stock market terminology, not the fundamentals of household finances and credit. The need for such a program that addresses the great need for basic money management, to include budgeting, interest accumulation and saving for retirement, is necessary for the future of our children and nation. In 2006, the Jumpstart Coalition was successful in getting a bill passed which makes a financial literacy program a requirement in public school curriculum for grades K-12, specifically requiring a semester-long course for high school graduation. The program is to be officially implemented within the school year of 2009/2010.

Brandy Said:

Help on History?!?!?!?

We Answered:

Take your own test next time.

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