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Find High School Students

Sergio Said:

hiring high school students...what is the best way to find good high school students who can work from home?

We Answered:

it may have been easier to post a job during school where you would find all the kids centrally located, but if that's out now, then try at local churches and your local YMCA. Post a listing on a community board in several areas with a phone number to contact you at.

Hugh Said:

A survey of 480 high school students found that 37% had a pet. Find the margin of error?

We Answered:


95% CONFIDENCE INTERVAL p +/- (z critical value) * SQRT[p * (1 - p)/n]

p = SAMPLE PROPORTION [0.37] (37%)
z critical value [1.645]
n = SAMPLE SIZE [480]

95% CONFIDENCE INTERVAL = 0.37+/- 1.645 *
SQRT [ 0.37 * (1 - 0.37)/480] = [0.334 , 0.406]
(33.4% , 40.6%)

Erik Said:

Where do high school students find the ability to think up successful science project?

We Answered:

By using their imagination? just a guess

Brenda Said:

where do I find high-school/collage students to teach my son english?

We Answered:

Probably not on Yahoo Answers. Good luck finding someone who can teach your boy English.

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