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Foreign Exchange For High School Students

Jared Said:

Foreign exchange opportunities for high school students?

We Answered:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but many high school exchange programs have suspended exchanges with anywhere in what we typically call "the British Isles", including Scotland. (I can't comment on University level exchanges.) This is due to a difficulty in students getting visas.
That being said, I went to the 'Getting Started' area of the webpage for the Council for Standards on International Educational Travel ( and plugged in United Kingdom as a destination (they didn't have Scotland by itself) and USA as home country and it stated that the Pacific Intercultural Exchange ( has exchange programs to the UK. I can't give you any information on them other then they are listed with CSIET and I would heavily investigate any organization that wasn't listed. (If you wanted to go somewhere other than the UK, I would have more advice.)
You can also try your local Rotary Club. Rotary has exchanges all over and may have a better chance at getting visas (I don't know, just speculating).
Good luck to you!

Harvey Said:

Whats the best foreign exchange program for young high school students?

We Answered:

In my own experience with exchange programmes, it's best to choose one that runs on a volunteer basis (such as Rotary), not one that you have to pay for.... the latter are mainly only interested in making money from you, whereas the former really do want you and your host family to have a mutually good experience.

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