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Free Laptops For High School Students

Claudia Said:

Where can I find a laptops that are free for High School students?

We Answered:

You probably can't find free laptops but some stores give student discounts.

Cassandra Said:

Where can I find a laptop that is free for High School students?

We Answered:

Nothings free. You may talk to your school and see about barrowing a laptop or renting one on certain days.

Sonia Said:

Would the yr 12 students of 2009 be receiving the Australian governments free laptops to students?

We Answered:

Next year NSW would begin rolling out lightweight, three-quarter sized internet-enabled laptops or netbooks to the 197,000 pupil school students in years 9 to 12.

yeah, most likely, it does say yr 9 to >>>yr 12<<<<

Sally Said:

Free High School laptop specs?

We Answered:

I'm not too sure, but I think it's going to be an HP tablet, but with really crap specs because good ones cost a lot and we're getting it for free...

eeeeee can't wait to get mine :) always wanted a tablet!

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