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Everett Said:

I am planning on attending college within 1 year and i am having trouble getting help about the process?

We Answered:

Hi Sam,

It sounds like you have a good goal in mind and just need a little guidance. Based on what you've said, I strongly suggest that you consider attending a local community college (CC). Enrollment is very easy, it is the most affordable option, and they are usually accredited (VERY important). If you need help finding one, try to Google your county or town name and the words community college, or ask a librarian or your local high school.

You mentioned an interest in computers. Many CC's offer extensive IT courses, plus the courses that you refer to as prerequisites. If you need remedial classes, they can help you too, and most offer free tutoring. They also have online classes.

If you are looking to bulk up or complete HS level courses before enrolling in college, there are several good options: Keystone HS, American School. These options are not free, but you can sign up for just the courses you need.

My child has a learning disability and successfully went on to a very competitive university after completing a well-rounded high school experience using a mix of self-created courses, local homeschooling group classes, and the American School of Correspondence high school program. It might help to begin creating a high school transcript and note what subjects are missing.

Try to talk to your mom about getting her help to research and prepare. It is her job to give you guidance or direct you to sources of information. If she is unable to help, military school for your last year may be a really good step. They will help prepare you for the next step in life.

Don't give up. Education is critical to your survival in the future. Keep in mind that the military may be a suitable option for you and they will pay for your higher education too. Good luck!

Martin Said:

Do YOU Think I Have a Chance at YALE UNIVERSITY?? Easy!(:?

We Answered:

About 85% of applicants to the Ivies are qualified, but only 7 - 10% are admitted. So it's very hard to know who they will admit. Typically they want a student who has a passion, which shows in their extracurriculars and community service. (And their interview!) These activities should have focus and depth. Too many unrelated extracurriculars makes an applicant look scattered, not well rounded. The Ivies like *experts*.

At top prep schools, where a high percentage get into the Ivies, the students are taught to brand themselves. At my son's prep school, they encourage the kids to follow their passion, and use that. They have very good college counseling, and a high rate of admissions to Yale and other Ivies. What is your passion? I'm guessing medicine, but you might want to figure out a way to be more focused, tie it all together. Any state or national awards?

Here is a past post of mine with some info on Ivy applicants that were very highly regarded and offered admission to at least one.…

The colleges know the level of a school's curriculum, and they know that not all 4.0's are equal. The more rigorous the curriculum, the more weight it will carry. I don't know what they do about home schooled students, perhaps you should ask to find out if there is something you can do, beyond AP tests. (Standardized tests? etc.)

Good luck!

Isaac Said:

Do I Even Have a Chance....?

We Answered:

Wow! If you keep taking all these courses, you'll run out of courses by junior year! You're taking a lot of honor and AP classes and you still have a 4.0. That is way beyond the ability of a normal high schooler. If you send your list of EC's and classes to any college, they'll be impressed. Keep this up! All your schools (as of now) are matches except for Stanford and Princeton (but that's only because of how selective and random they are). Make sure to get a good score on the SAT/ ACT in Junior or Senior year though

You seem ambitious so I would suggest you start contacting colleges. Go to my website and click on the banner on the front page. A website will appear that allows you to contact a lot of universities (including all of those that you mentioned above) one-on-one. Go to those colleges' websites and visit forums on how to get in on I barely survived senior year because I didn't do enough research before hand.

Corey Said:

I am really quite confused about the whole college situation...?

We Answered:

First of all, I think as a rising sophomore in high school, you really don't have to know right this instant what you want to do with your life. In my experience, people ask you what you want to be to make sure you have some sort of direction in your life... or just to make conversation. So don't stress too much. You have plenty of time to decide. If you are pretty sure what you want to be in the medical field, try to get ahead in biology, chemistry, and math in high school. If your high school offers it, try to take physics (because some background in the subject is nice).

You declare your major and minor when you enter college. If you're unsure, you are "undeclared" or "exploratory", meaning you don't officially have a major or minor. Your major will be the main course of study you'll pursue, and your minor will be another "minor" course of study you'll pursue. Many schools don't have official "pre-med" majors, so most pre-medical students choose biology as their major and chemistry as their minor or second major, although it's really up to you what your major is, as long as you take the required pre-requisites for medical school. Some medical schools don't require that you obtain a 4 year degree to enter their school, but from what I know, it's very hard to get into medical school without a bachelor's (4 year) degree. And you can't obtain a bachelor's degree without declaring your major and/or minor/2nd major, so if you want to go to medical school, you're better off picking a major, and probably one in biology and/or chemistry.

As for those four areas of study, you will need those for any medical school. You will need several biology classes (though I'm not exactly sure which ones, but since most pre-med students are biology majors/minors, you will take many biology classes. I'd guess at least six classes, plus any labs). For physics, you will probably need at least two classes, plus labs. General chemistry consists of two classes, plus labs, and organic chemistry is two classes plus labs. (I'm basing all of this on my university's biology and chemistry and physics programs.) You will also probably take additional background-type classes such as biochemistry and math (at least up to Calculus I if not higher), and your general education classes.

I can't really help you on the MCAT/med school concentration stuff. Sorry.

I hope this helps. Best of luck to you!

Ruben Said:

Please help me with my future? I am making decisions and I would like your advice. 10 points to best answer?

We Answered:

1. It doesn't cost anymore then it would an out of state college, you do have to take a test though because your from the U.S.

2. The foreign exchange program is when you live with someone else and that can vary depending on where you go and your school's policy.

3. College Universities De Saint-Boniface in Canada is good for broadcasting and in america in California Stanford University is one of the best colleges america and has a great Broadcasting Program.

4. Yes, but there are some that don't allow out of country.

5. It isn't hard but it does take a long time and you most likely wont get your own show but there is high chances of getting on radio for a few hours with a bunch of hosts. It is not impossible, but it does take years after college.

Alvin Said:

Please help me. I am lost and need help making decisions. 10 points to best answer!?

We Answered:

Call the college you want to attend and ask a councelor. They are actually paid to listen to all this.

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