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Free Online Courses For High School Students

Ellen Said:

AP Lang. & Comp and Lit. & Comp Exams in high school (please help me!)?

We Answered:

This question is too long I doubt anyone would answer completely. ALL answers are available here:…

Gordon Said:

How will I make it through school with such rigorous classes?

We Answered:

I went through the same thing freshman year. What you should do is make a schedule of your activities, work, and so on. Also, if a teacher tells you that you have a test in a week, don't wait for a week to study. Don't worry, you'll do fine. Don't stress out too much, because that's what's going to cause all this mess. Also, after you study for a test or something, go out with your friend for an hour to relax, and test yourself to see what you remember from studying. If you don't take breaks in between, it'll be so tiresome that you're going to give up studying.

Gwendolyn Said:

Taking an Algebra 2 online course over the summer?

We Answered:

As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online -

Bessie Said:

HELP! I live in ohio and im a senior i am currently looking for a online school to join but i dont know witch?

We Answered:

The word you're trying to use is "which", not "witch" (that's the character w/ a black pointy hat on a broom).

I just answered your repeat of this question. My vote is for OHVA. I've used the K12 curriculum they use for 5.5 years with my son and it's fantastic. Their online school system is wonderful also.

They all are public schools, so you'll get a diploma with any of them.

Most virtual schools do not supply lap tops; they loan out desktops, a printer, and sometimes reimburse you for all, or part of, your 'net access.

You should know that in a virtual public school you can't necessarily "go at your own pace". There will still be a school calendar, and deadlines and due dates and exams - just like a B&M school.

Here's OHVA's site:

Megan Said:

Where can I learn C++ programming for free?

We Answered:

Learn programming before you learn a language.… is the best tutorial ever written - online or offline. Yes, it's convoluted, esoteric, complex, difficult - programming is.

Class for a high school student in NYC? Talk to your guidance counselor. Some schools may have programming courses in summer school. And you may be allowed to take one of them. (Too bad you don't go to Tech.)

Arnold Said:

Business Plan Writing?

We Answered:

No thanks.

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