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Free Scholarships For High School Students

Nicholas Said:

Private vs Public High School?

We Answered:

If your parents have money and are willing to shell out ten grand for just high school, then by all means go there. If it was me though, I would go to the public school.

Adam Said:

Can someone check my practice SAT Essay?

We Answered:

What was the original question? It seems a bit too precise to be an SAT essay. Anyways. I would give it a 4 or possibly a 5 on the SAT scale because you focused on a minute topic and didn't relate it back to a broad theme. Also, maybe it's just me but I found your continuous use of his/her to be a bit distracting, almost informal as well. I was a bit confused by this statement as well.

An average student should not be turned down for scholarships just because of his/her academic standing, they should be given a chance to show their change.

Also if you use a quote it's good to know it's source instead of a "great man."

Anyways it's a pretty good essay, but the only other thing is that it's very persuasive and calls for action. SAT essay generally just want you to support a theme, and if that involves calling for action then that is fine.

Nice job and good luck!

Carla Said:


We Answered:

By investing, I didn't necessarily mean in rental units. The problem with buying house/condo and renting it out is that others don't have the same regard for your property as you do. While you can make some good money that way, there are too many out there that won't pay, and/or damage the places. Besides, I am not sure that I would keep investing in homes, especially because this is such a down time for the housing market. It can go down much more, and probably will.

I did not tell you to trust Suze with your money, just to ask her what best thing to do with it is. Catch her show on CNBC. It is just asking her opinion, as she has been a financial advisor for years and is on our side, so to speak.

How long ago did your hubby inherit the money? She said recently, and I have heard this from others before also, never to do anything for at least the first year but keep the money safe. Investigate what your options are so you can think it out thoroughly and do the best thing for the two of you.

I applaud your public schools and McMillians Nursing School Foundation work. Had never heard about that program before, but I think it is VERY worthwhile. You are helping them get a good foundation towards an excellent career. Children are our future and those with only a high school education (or less) are only hurting themselves. I had very high grades, but couldn't afford college years ago myself. Went into the Army, then used my GI bill to pay for college.

Night Club?? Restaurants?? McDonalds?? Snow Ball Stands (never heard of them, but they sure do sound cool!)?? I say if you weren't in business for yourself before, to hold off on all of those for a couple years at least. While I think your business ideas are probably worthwhile, it is too easy to over commit the money and end up not reserving enough of it for long term growth. Maybe take some bus mgmt courses and investing courses would be a good idea for the two of you too.

I would set a certain amount aside and never touch that principal amount, although not sure how much. If you want to invest in the businesses, can you only do one at a time? Take the profits and invest those in the next business? You are probably going to need to hire others to manage +/or work for the businesses, so it is important that you know the business inside and out, BEFORE you invest in it.

I know it sounds like I am being a wet blanket, sorry. Keep the principal safe. There are too many unscrupulous people out there that are staying awake nights trying to figure out how to make your money theirs! That said, love others and don't let the rotten apples (i.e.-cousin with attitude) destroy your faith in others.

Best of luck!! Be safe and be careful!

Thanks for saying I gave the best advice, I really appreciate that! I know some treat their answers as couple points, but I enjoy trying to figure out the best advice to give. Did you already mark mine as the best answer or still collecting answers? Hopefully someone else will put some thought into theirs and give some more good advice!

Usually I am not on for too long, so I am glad I saw this second question too. The SUZI grabbed my attention, lol.

Good Luck! My best to you and yours!! ~ Suzi :)

Loretta Said:

I Can Go To School For Free Where A Parent Works, But The School Is Not Accredited? Do You Think I Should?

We Answered:

In my personal opinion there's no such thing as a "bad" decision when it comes to accumulating education. So what if its a technical school that has nothing to do with what you'd like your future to ultimetly be. Once you've acquired the certification (or degree or license- whatever it is you walk out of there w on the last day) its something that can never be taken away and something you can always use should you need it.
I only had enough money to go to beauty school but I wanted to work in finance. So I got my licence, then got a job at a salon. I used the money I made at the salon to pay for the classes I took at night as I went for my business and accounting degrees.
Its not the traditional pattern of high school, 4 years of college, then out on the real world but who cares! Bc first of all- its ALL the real world, and second- what's the big rush? I never understood it. If you get thru college in 4 years and graduate at (let's say) 22- that means you will be in the same industry- perhaps even the same exact job- for 40 years! How boring!
Just keep yourself busy...go to the free school, and keep bettering yourself along the way. Eventually you'll get right where you want to be. There's no rule saying you GOTTA be there within a certain time frame!

Good luck!
PS- I ended up being a regional financial manager for Citigroup! (This was back when they were the biggest finacial giant in the world. I stopped working to raise some kids about 4 years ago, maybe that's y they went in the toilet;) And I still do hair sometimes, it nice to have a lot of variety!

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